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How Does Infernal Cinder Work in League of Legends

How Does Infernal Cinder Work in League of Legends

League of Legends Season 14 has brought tons of new additions and changes to the game. Among them, are changes to the Baron and other objectives residing in the Summoner's Rift. One of the objective changes we want to highlight today is the new Infernal Cinder effect and how it works in League of Legends

Today, we'll delve into the mechanics of Infernal Cinder, exploring how it influences gameplay and adds an extra dimension to the battle for supremacy. We'll also be answering some FAQs regarding this new gameplay mechanic, like what happens when a champion dies while having Infernal Cinders.

So, if you're interested in Infernal Cinder then keep reading. If you want some better guidance then we recommend you hire a professional-level coach to show you the ropes. You can even use the code "BoostToday" for a 20% discount.

The Infernal Drake's Dominion

How Does Infernal Cinder Work in League of Legends - Image 1

The Infernal Drake, one of the Elemental Dragons, becomes a focal point of contention every five minutes on Summoner's Rift. Slaying this mighty creature grants your team a permanent buff, but it's the subsequent appearance of Infernal Cinders that truly spices up the game.

Upon the Infernal Drake's dominance, Infernal Cinders will spontaneously spawn across the map. These fiery orbs serve as a valuable resource, providing a unique advantage to those who can harness their power. The key feature of Infernal Cinders is their ability to slightly reduce the cooldowns of your abilities upon collection, amplifying the potential for aggressive plays and teamfight dominance.

The Race for Cinders

What makes the presence of Infernal Cinders so intriguing is the dynamic element they introduce to the game. Unlike the consistent buff granted by slaying the Infernal Drake, the Cinders require active participation and quick reflexes from players. A limited number of Cinders spawn during the match, underscoring the importance of securing them before the enemy team can capitalize on this powerful advantage.

Teams must not only focus on securing the Infernal Drake but also contend for control over these map-altering effects. This dual objective adds layers of complexity to strategic decision-making, as players weigh the risk of engaging in skirmishes around the Cinders against the potential rewards they bring.

Strategic Depth and Map Alterations

How Does Infernal Cinder Work in League of Legends - Image 2

Infernal Cinders don't just provide a temporary boost to cooldowns; they alter the landscape of Summoner's Rift. The transformation triggered by the Infernal Drake's domination is not only a visual spectacle but a tangible shift in the dynamics of the battlefield. As teams collect Cinders, they gain the upper hand in subsequent engagements, influencing the course of battles and potentially turning the tide in their favor.

After all, with the cooldown of abilities reduced by as many cinders as players are able to acquire, everyone will be rushing to collect as many as they can. Additionally, champions who already have the potential to change the course of a typical League game with their abilities will have their potential increased as they'll be able to use their abilities more frequently.

The Tactical Value of Death

An interesting twist in the acquisition of Infernal Cinders is the ability to disrupt enemy plans even in death. Should a player holding onto Cinders meet their demise, the orbs will burst out of their body and land on the ground. This mechanic adds a layer of strategy, allowing players to strategically sacrifice themselves in the heat of battle, ensuring their teammates can pick up the fallen Cinders and continue the fight with increased firepower.


How do Infernal Cinders affect gameplay in League of Legends?

Infernal Cinders, spawned across the map after slaying the Infernal Drake, slightly reduce the cooldowns of abilities when picked up. This provides a tactical advantage, allowing players to engage in more aggressive plays and influencing the outcome of teamfights.

Can you steal Infernal Cinders from the enemy team in League of Legends?

Yes, if a player holding onto Infernal Cinders dies, the orbs burst out and land on the ground. This presents an opportunity for teammates to strategically pick up the fallen Cinders, allowing for potential theft from the enemy team and ensuring a continuous boost to cooldown reduction.

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