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How Overwatch 2 is celebrating Pride Month

How Overwatch 2 is celebrating Pride Month

Pride Month is finally here and the LGBTQ+ community is getting the visibility it deserves. As Overwatch 2 has slowly but surely become a much more inclusive game than it was in the past, it was only naturally that Blizard Entertainment would celebrate this month with some cool Pride-themed changes.

Here, we’re about to go through everything Blizzard is doing to celebrate Pride Month in Overwatch 2. This includes talking about when the event is starting, what new skins players can expect, and what other actions the company is taking to celebrate Pride Month.

So, here’s how Overwatch 2 is celebrating Pride Month 2024.

When is the Pride event starting and ending in Overwatch 2?

Futuristic female character with bionic arm and goggles against a vibrant background

Overwatch 2’s Pride event starts on 1st June to coincide with Pride month. As for when the event’s ending, Blizzard hasn’t shared any details regarding that, so it’s unknown right now. However, it’s safe to assume that the event will go on for the entire month and will likely end as soon as Pride Month ends too, which means July 1, 2024.

What is Overwatch 2 doing to celebrate Pride month?

Futuristic soldier with high-tech weapon in a colorful urban setting

To celebrate Pride Month, Overwatch 2 has planned to do many things to the game, like changing up maps and introducing items, while also focusing on real-life merchandise.

New skin for Venture

One of the bigger introductions of the event is a new skin for Venture, the non-binary character that’s known for digging underground and using their technology. It’s a great combo to celebrate pride, as it showcases Blizzard’s support for the LBGTQ+ community while simultaneously putting the spotlight on them, leading to more representation in the game.

Focus on LBGTQ+ content creators

Throughout June, Blizzard will be focusing on LGBTQ+ content creators, who’ll be streaming Overwatch 2 on Twitch. To incentivize fans to tune into streams, those who watch streamers with drops enabled will receive the new Venture skin through random Twitch drops. 

Additionally, there’s also a list of featured streamers for Overwatch 2, which are as follows:

Map changes

Female warrior in blue armor on urban street

Various maps will have small changes applied everywhere to celebrate the Pride event. However, the Midtown map will receive a whole makeover, with many rainbow murals and pride-related colors and objects being scattered across it.

A brand new comic

Although Blizzard hasn’t shared many details regarding it, a brand new digital comic with Venture as the protagonist is slated for release on June 7th. This comic focuses on the non-binary character Venture, and it may focus on their backstories and discuss themes of identity and acceptance in the Overwatch world.

Pride Merchandise

Blizzard has introduced various Pride Merchandise that fans can buy to assist and show off their pride. 

Donating to various charities

Alongside numerous inclusivity and Pride-related content in the game, Blizzard will also help the community outside of Overwatch 2. The proceeds the company will collect from the official Overwatch 2 Pride Collection merchandise will be sent to the Trevor group, which is a non-profit suicide prevention organization that focuses more on LGBTQ+ people.

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Summary of Overwatch 2 Pride Month event

Animated girl in yellow smiling excitedly

To sum everything up, the Pride event in Overwatch 2 goes a long way in making sure that the LGBTQ+ community feels represented and welcome in the game while also helping them outside the game. By introducing a new skin for a non-binary hero and a new comic for them, putting the spotlight on LGBTQ+ creators, and donating to an important charity, Blizzard is ensuring that its message of inclusivity and pride gets across to fans of the game.


Is this the first time Overwatch 2 is celebrating Pride Month?

Not at all! On the contrary, Overwatch 2 is one of the few big-name games that consistently celebrates Pride Month with in-game events and exclusive Pride-themed merchandise and goodies players can buy.

Which Overwatch 2 heroes are LGBTQ+?

Queer representation is important in this day and age and Blizzard recognizes that. It’s for this reason that Tracer, Solider 76, Lifeweaver, Baptiste, Pharah, and Venture are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

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