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League of Legends Arena: Ranked System Explained


Riot Games has come out with a brand new game mode for players to try, and, as expected, many competitive players are trying their hand at reaching the highest potential rank possible. However, because it’s a limited time game mode, the ranking system is a little different from what most people might be used to.

Instead of the ten expansive tiers that are present in the Summoner’s Rift, the 2v2v2v2 arena game mode has only five game modes. Additionally, there’s no concept of promotion games, although you gain points when you win matches and lose them when you lose matches. Speaking of winning and losing, you don’t necessarily have to come first if you want to win.

Don’t worry if this all seems a little confusing because we’re about to go through everything regarding the LoL arena ranked system right here.

How Many Ranks Are There in League of Legends Arena

Now, as we mentioned above, the Arena mode in League of Legends is a limited time one. Therefore, the ranked system and the overall ranks, in general, are vastly different from the regular Summoner’s Rift ranks you might be used to.

To be more specific, instead of the ten types of ranks you can find in League of Legends’ other mode, there are only five ranks in this game mode. Additionally, neither are there any divisions between the ranks nor are there any promotion games players have to play. Simply reach the required points to advance to the next tier and boom, you’ll find yourself in a higher tier.

Now, all the ranks you can aim for in League of Legends Arena are:


Ranked Points


0 to 1,399 Ranked Points


1,400 to 2,599 Ranked Points


2,600 to 3,199 Ranked Points


3,200 to 3,799 Ranked Points


3,800 Ranked Points and above

As you can see, two of these ranks are the same as the ones in other game modes. However, two ranks, namely wood, and gladiator, are completely new. Of course, the best way of reaching gladiator would be by trying these League of Legends arena mode best combos.

While the Riot developers may potentially add some more ranks to make getting to the highest rank a little more difficult, these are all the current ranks you can go through in the League of Legends 2v2v2v2 arena game mode.

How Do You Rank Up in Arena Mode

As mentioned above, there aren’t any promotion games or tiers in ranks. However, it’s only natural that there would be some way for you to either gain or lose points. Well, just like any other game mode in any other game, winning ranked arena games results in you earning points, while defeat in ranked arena games means you’ll be losing some points.

With that being said, there’s actually one MAJOR difference between this game mode and every other game mode. You see, instead of having to come first in every single match to earn points, it’s a little different. If you come either first or second then it’s counted as a victory.

What this means is that there will always be two victors and two losers in every single arena match, and therefore, you’ll earn points if you come first or second but lose points if you come third or fourth. 

This is something Riot added as a way of making things a little more fair for players. After all, if only the team that came first won points, then climbing the ranks would be extremely difficult, as there would be a 75% chance of you losing points every single time.

However, by making it so there are two teams that are considered winners, there’s a 50% chance of winning matches every single time. With that, there’s also a 50% chance you’ll gain points to climb the ranks every single time as well. You best start researching the best items to use in the arena game mode now.

Are there rewards for high ranks in League Arena?

Now that you know exactly how the rank system works in the League of Legends arena game mode, you might be wondering what the advantages of reaching high ranks might be? After all, players need the incentive to want to reach the higher ranks since it requires a substantial amount of effort, dedication, skill, and especially time.

Take the Summoner’s Rift game mode, for example. Players that reach high ranks earn skins, season-long badges, and loot boxes for their efforts, so it’s only expected that the Arena mode players will see the same benefit, right?

Well, the thing is the higher ups over at Riot have not revealed what the players who are able to reach high ranks in the 2v2v2v2 game mode will acquire. Therefore, currently speaking, your only reward for gaining a high rank is bragging rights and seeing your username high on the leaderboard.

With that being said, we very much expect there to be some major rewards for reaching high ranks in this game mode, especially with how successful it has been. However, it’ll likely take a couple of months for the rewards to be revealed, so be sure to stay with us to be the first ones to know.

What’s next?

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