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How to Hear Valorant Comms in Discord Stream


Valorant is a game that heavily emphasizes teamwork and coordination. Because of this, comms (or callouts) are extremely important for any team wanting to win a match, especially if it is against skilled players. In addition, rushing, enemy location, ability utilization, and many more mechanics require you to relay information to your teammates to increase efficiency.

To learn more about how to properly understand all the aforementioned mechanics to get better at the game, consider checking out our guide on how to get better at Valorant.

However, many players have found that viewers cannot hear in-game callouts when streaming their game on Discord.

This leads to a highly awkward stream where the streamers are just talking to themselves from the viewer’s point of view. If you’ve been looking for solutions to this problem, then you’re at the right place. Below, we’ve listed every potential fix for Valorant comms not being audible in Discord streams.

Checking settings in Discord

To begin with, let us go through the basics. When starting a stream (by joining a voice channel in a Discord server and selecting the ‘share my screen option’ at the bottom left), you’ll get the option to either stream your screen or a specific running application. Here you’ll want to choose the Valorant application option, which will stream the game with audio included.

If the viewers are not able to hear in-game comms specifically, then there might be something wrong with your screen share settings on Discord. To troubleshoot this

Over here, there will be the option to use an experimental method to capture audio from applications. If this is turned on already, then turn it off and see if your issue is fixed. In contrast, if it is switched off, try turning it on. If it doesn’t work either way, then reset the settings to default and move on to the following method.

Lastly, many Discord streamers have reported that their viewers started hearing comms as soon as they turned off Push to Talk. To do so, in the same ‘Voice & Video’ setting page as above, turn the input mode to ‘Voice Activity’ and check if it does the trick for you. If it was already in voice activity mode, try switching it to push-to-talk instead, as the automatic voice detection system might conflict with the streaming audio.

Inspecting settings in Valorant

The most common fix for Discord stream viewers not being able to hear Valorant comms is for the person streaming to start the game or application as an administrator. This gives the game all the necessary permissions to do things such as broadcast in-game voice chat. To run the game as an administrator, simply right-click on the Valorant desktop and select ‘Run as administrator’ as shown in the video below.

If this doesn’t fix your issue, then go to the Valorant audio settings and ensure the output device selected is the same as the one you have on Discord. Additionally, if you have a push-to-talk enabled, try disabling it and play the game in windowed mode to see if it makes a difference.

Adjusting system-related settings

So by now, you’ve confirmed there’s nothing wrong with your Discord or Valorant settings.

In this case, it might be something related to your system itself that is causing the issue. The first thing is to check that the default output device for your system is the same as both your Valorant and Discord. To do this, go to

Finally, if nothing else works, then chances are you might have to check your audio drivers to ensure they’re up to date. To do this,

Now all you have to do is wait as Windows automatically searches the internet for the latest driver software. If it turns out that driver updates are available, install them and restart your system.

What’s next?

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