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League of Legends: Can't Change Name? Fixed

League of Legends: Can't Change Name? Fixed

Let's be real for a minute. We've all had an in-game username that we wish we could change to save us from the embarrassment the name brings us. However, not every game or platform gives players the option to do so. Fortunately, League of Legends is a game that does let players change their names. For a price, of course.

If you aren't able to change your name in LoL, then there are a couple of potential reasons. Maybe you don't have enough Riot Points, you're on a name changing cooldown, the name you want is unavailable or restricted, or your account is restricted. Additionally, it's also possible that it's a technical bug that's stopping you from changing your name.

If you aren't able to change your name in League of Legends then worry not because we're here to tell you how to fix this issue.

How to Change Your Name in League of Legends

Screenshot of online game interface showing regional transfer options for North America, Japan, Latin America, Oceania, Russia, and Turkey

Naturally, the first thing to do is to ensure you're using the right method of changing your name in LoL. To ensure there's no issue with the process, we'll be listing down the steps of changing your name.

Step 1: Logging into Your Account

Your journey to changing your summoner name begins by logging into your League of Legends account. This involves opening the League of Legends client on your computer and providing your account credentials, including your username and password. This ensures that you have access to your account management options.

Step 2: Navigating to the In-Game Store

Once you're successfully logged in, you'll find yourself in the League of Legends client interface. At the top of the client, you'll see a series of tabs, including "Play," "Collection," "Loot," "Profile," and "Store." Click on the "Store" tab to enter the in-game store, where you can browse and purchase various in-game items and services.

Step 3: Accessing the "Account" Section

Within the store, you'll notice a menu on the left-hand side with different categories, such as "Featured," "Champions," and "Skins." To access your account-related options, including the summoner name change feature, click on the "Account" category. This will display a list of services and changes that you can make to your account.

Step 4: Initiating the Summoner Name Change

Among the options available in the "Account" section, you will find the "Summoner Name Change" feature. Click on this option to proceed with changing your summoner name. Keep in mind that using this feature comes at a cost, which is typically around 1300 RP (Riot Points), the in-game currency that can be purchased with real money.

Step 5: Selecting Your New Summoner Name

The process of changing Summoner Name in LoL

With the summoner name change process initiated, you will be prompted to select a new summoner name. This is the exciting part where you can get creative or choose something that better represents you. However, be aware that your new name must adhere to Riot Games' naming guidelines, which prohibit offensive, inappropriate, or misleading names.

Step 6: Confirming Your Choice

Once you've decided on a new summoner name that meets the guidelines, confirm your choice. At this stage, you will typically be asked to confirm your purchase and ensure that you have the necessary RP in your account to cover the cost of the name change. After confirming, your new summoner name will be applied to your account.

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Why You Might Not Be Able to Change Your Name

What it looks like when you successfully change your LoL Summoner Name

Did you follow the above steps but still weren't able to change your name in League of Legends? Well, then it's very likely that one of the following reasons is why you're facing this infuriating problem.

Insufficient RP (Riot Points)

Changing your summoner name requires spending Riot Points (RP), the premium in-game currency. RP is typically acquired by purchasing it with real money. If you do not have enough RP in your account to cover the cost of the summoner name change, you won't be able to proceed. 

The exact cost may vary depending on your region, so it's essential to check your RP balance before attempting to change your name. If you find yourself short on RP, you can purchase more from the in-game store to complete the name change.

Name Change Cooldown

Riot Games has implemented a cooldown period between summoner name changes to prevent frequent or frivolous alterations. This cooldown usually lasts for 30 days. 

If you've recently changed your summoner name or have used a name change within the past month, you will need to wait until this cooldown period expires before you can request another name change. Keep track of when you last changed your name to know when you'll be eligible for a new change.

Unavailable Name

Entering a name in LoL

The summoner name you desire must be unique within the League of Legends community. If another player is already using the name you want, you won't be able to select it. This limitation is in place to avoid confusion and impersonation. 

To resolve this issue, you'll need to brainstorm alternative names that are not currently in use. The League of Legends client will notify you if the name you enter is already taken.

Naming Guidelines Violation

Riot Games has established strict naming guidelines to maintain a positive and respectful gaming environment. These guidelines prohibit summoner names that are offensive, inappropriate, or misleading. 

If you attempt to choose a name that violates these rules, the system will reject it, and you'll need to select a different, more suitable name. It's important to adhere to these guidelines to promote a healthy gaming community and avoid any penalties on your account.

Technical Issues or Bugs

Occasionally, players may encounter technical issues or bugs within the League of Legends client that prevent them from changing their summoner names. These issues can range from payment processing problems to glitches in the name change feature itself. If you find yourself unable to change your name due to such issues, it's advisable to reach out to Riot Games' customer support. 

They can investigate and resolve the problem, ensuring you can proceed with the name change once the issue is resolved. Providing detailed information about the problem you're facing will help support staff assist you more effectively.


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