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Promo Games: What are promo games in League of Legends?

Getting enough League Points, or LP in League of Legends is important if you want to rank your account up. However, just getting 100 LP doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’ll be promoted to the next rank. You also have to win at least three out of five promotion games.

Maybe Riot thought it would be too easy to just give players the rank, so they decided to have the players work for it. In addition to getting the required 100 LP in a rank, players also have to prove their skill in promotion games. Losing three promotion games takes a player back to 100 LP where they can try again as many times as they want until they finally win three matches.

Of course, if you’ve reached the required LP but are having trouble winning the required promotion games, then you could hire a booster to do it for you instead.

How to get promotion games?

Promotion games only show up when you collect 100 LP and are in the first division of any rank. Say you’re in Gold 2 and you get 100 LP. Instead of having to play promotion games, you’ll instantly be promoted to Gold 1. However, if you’re in Gold 1 you’ll have to play promotion games to be promoted to the Platinum rank’s tier 4 with 1 LP.

What’s next?

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