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Best Sova Lineups for Split in Valorant

Best Sova Lineups for Split in Valorant

Sova emerges as a standout agent in Valorant, showcasing exceptional skills in executing precise strategies on the Split map. While we've shared insights into optimal Sova strategies for Ascent, mastering his abilities on the Split map may present a challenge for some players due to its unique layout. This is where our assistance becomes crucial.

In the Valorant arena, Sova, a perceptive initiator, brings forth a unique skill set focused on gathering intelligence and exerting strategic influence. Mastering Sova's techniques becomes essential to unlock his full potential on specific maps. Apart from refining the skill itself, precision lies in remembering the specific locations where you need to position yourself and shoot to achieve maximum efficiency.

Whether you're on the attack, defense, or involved in a retake scenario on the Split map, we've got you covered with the top Sova strategies. To efficiently grasp these strategies and more, consider seeking the guidance of a professional Valorant coach from Eloking. Additionally, enjoy an exclusive 20% discount by using the code "BoostToday" for a comprehensive learning experience.

Best Defending Sova Lineups Split

Defending B Site - B-Main/B-Lobby Recon Bolt

Player aiming with a bow in a first-person shooter game

As a defender on Split, controlling B-Main and B-Lobby is crucial to thwarting enemy advances. This Recon Bolt lineup provides a comprehensive vision into these areas, offering valuable early information for your team's strategic decisions.


  1. Hug the corner at A-Site Ramps.
  2. Turn around and locate the specific corner for alignment.
  3. Place the Tip of the Left Bounce indicator on the designated corner.
  4. Two Bounces + Max Charge.

Positioning yourself at A-Site Ramps allows you to contribute to the defense of both A and B sites. By bouncing the Recon Bolt off the door frame at B-Main Entrance, the Bolt effectively uncovers most of B-Main and parts of B-Lobby. This early intel empowers your team to make informed decisions about rotations and defensive strategies.

Defending A Site - A-Main Early Information Recon Bolt

First-person view of a player using a futuristic bow in an FPS game

Gaining early information on A-Main is pivotal for defenders on Split, as it sets the tone for the round. This Recon Bolt lineup offers a swift and accurate reveal of A-Main, assisting your team in adapting their positions based on enemy movement.


  1. Stand and hug the corner at A-Site Rafters.
  2. Turn around and locate the trapezoid shape on the wall.
  3. Place the left tip of the right bounce indicator on the trapezoid.
  4. No-Bounce + 2-bar Charge.

From the vantage point of A-Site Rafters, this Recon Bolt requires no bouncing, ensuring a quick deployment. Landing in A-Main, it provides your team with immediate intel on enemy presence, allowing for strategic adjustments. This simple yet effective lineup is ideal for defenders seeking early information without compromising their position.

Best Attacking Sova Lineups Split

Attacking Mid - Mail Recon Bolt

Player aiming with a futuristic blue cyber bow in a video game

When attacking on Split, securing control of Mid is pivotal for map control. The Mail Recon Bolt is a strategic tool that not only clears Mail but also reveals Top Middle and portions of B Heaven. Integrating this lineup into your attacking playbook can significantly disrupt the defenders' rotations and enhance your team's position on the map.


  1. Stand next to the wall in Ramen.
  2. Turn around and locate the specific Box.
  3. Place your crosshair just above the black marking on the Box.
  4. 2 Bounces + Max Charge.

This Recon Bolt lineup is executed from Ramen, a key area near Mid. By standing next to the wall and aiming at a distinct point on the Box, the Bolt follows a trajectory that lands in Mail. The resulting reveal covers Top Middle, Vents, and parts of B Heaven. The information gained from this lineup aids in formulating an effective attack strategy, allowing your team to exploit weaknesses in the defenders' setup and control crucial Mid territory.

Attacking A Site - Heaven/A-Site Recon Bolt

First-person view of a player using an archer character in a video game

In the intricate A Site of Split, gaining control of A-Heaven and Rafters is vital for attackers. The Heaven/A-Site Recon Bolt is a powerful tool designed to unveil the elevated positions of defenders, providing a clear advantage for attackers looking to breach A Site. 

Mastering this lineup ensures that your team can navigate A-Heaven and Rafters with confidence, disrupting the defenders' positions and facilitating a successful push onto A Site.


  1. Stand on the tallest box, keeping against the right wall.
  2. Inch forward until the brown sides of the Plant Box are not visible.
  3. Look up towards the wall and find the first line from the left.
  4. Place your crosshair slightly to the right of this line.
  5. No-Bounce + 3-Bar Charge.

Executed from a specific position near A-Site, this Recon Bolt lineup is tailored to expose A-Heaven, Rafters, Ramps, and parts of A-Site. By standing on the tallest box and aligning the crosshair precisely, the Bolt provides comprehensive information on the defenders' positions in elevated areas. 

This insight is invaluable for attackers as it allows for strategic decision-making, taking advantage of vulnerable angles and potentially catching defenders off-guard in key positions. Incorporating this lineup into your attacking strategy can be a game-changer, providing a tactical edge when assaulting the A Site on Split.

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Do these lineups guarantee complete safety while deploying the Recon Bolt, or is there a risk of exposing yourself to enemies?

While these lineups are designed to be executed from relatively safe positions, there is always a slight risk of exposing yourself during the brief moment of casting. It's crucial to coordinate with your team, use utility for cover when necessary, and be mindful of potential enemy presence. Practice the lineups in custom games to minimize the risk of being caught off guard.

How can I learn these lineups?

Mastering Sova's Recon lineups requires practice and precision. Start by familiarizing yourself with the key locations and visual cues mentioned in the article. To accelerate your learning, consider seeking guidance from experts like Eloking. Their coaching service offers personalized training sessions to enhance your skills. Use code "BoostToday" to avail of a 20% discount on Eloking's coaching services, making the journey to mastery more accessible and affordable.

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