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Dota 2: The Festive Magic of Frostivus 2023

Dota 2: The Festive Magic of Frostivus 2023

The year 2023 is coming to a close, and with that, games are pumping out holiday-themed events. One such game that is following this trend is Valve's Dota 2. Frostivus has become a sort of traction at this point, and it's cool to see them bring the event back. This time, however, it's here with a bunch of additions to the game, and that's on top of the 7.35 Patch.

So, what's included in Frostivus 2023? As is to be expected, the theme is holiday and Christmas. Therefore, you can expect to see a bunch of Christmas-themed skins and map changes. Additionally, it is the season of giving, and Dota 2 shall do just that. There are chances to acquire so many freebies through this event that anyone can get rich, at least when it comes to in-game cosmetics.

So, without further ado, it's time to go through everything included in Frostivus 2023. If you're looking for another Holiday gift, then get over to Eloking's Dota 2 page and use code "BoostToday" for a 20% discount. Who knows, you might find some other promotions going on to amplify the savings even more.

Frostivus Treasure Chests and Stocking Stuffers

Animated treasure chests adorned with colorful bows

The Frostivus festivities kick off on December 14, 2023, extending the joyous celebration until January 11, 2024. Players can immerse themselves in the holiday spirit by participating in matches and filling up their Frostivus Spirit Meter. The reward for such spirited endeavors is a locked Frostivus 2023 Treasure Chest and a delightful assortment of Stocking Stuffers, ranging from expressive sprays to charming emoticons and vibrant stickers.

Unlocking the Magic: Earn Chests and Buy Keys

Filling the Frostivus Spirit Meter not only grants players access to exclusive chests but also presents an opportunity to unlock the magic within. With the option to purchase keys, players can unravel the mysteries concealed within the locked Frostivus 2023 Treasure Chests, making each unboxing a festive adventure.

Frostivus 2023 Treasures: A Winter Wonderland of Hero Sets

Venturing into the treasure trove of Frostivus 2023, players will discover all-new item sets tailored for their favorite heroes. The event welcomes back holiday classics, rekindling the magic of yesteryears. Yet, the surprises don't end there. Brace yourself for the majestic arrival of the Wraith King Arcana and the Crystal Maiden Persona, promising to elevate the Frostivus experience to unprecedented heights.

Other cosmetics you can find during this event include:

  2. SNAPFIRE: Silver Squall
  3. ALCHEMIST: Lumpo and Rupertus
  4. ARC WARDEN: Orbuculum Equinox
  5. PUDGE (Persona Unlock Included): Frosty the Sew-Man
  6. TUSK: Jingle Fist
  7. PRIMAL BEAST: The Abominable Snowbeast
  8. CRYSTAL MAIDEN (Persona Unlock Included): Guardian Snow Angel
  10. COURIER: Gingerbread Baby Roshan

The Season of (Very Occasional) Giving

Comparison of a full set and unusual variant of fantasy warrior characters

In a true Frostivus Miracle, players unboxing sets are treated to a tantalizing prospect, a chance to unlock a bonus Unusual variant of one of the items in the set. However, akin to the rarity of miracles, the odds of securing these extraordinary variants are as elusive as being struck by a meteor. The thrill of anticipation adds an extra layer of excitement to the season.

Stocking Stuffers: Frostivus Prize Patrol Delights

For those disheartened by the prospect of elusive Unusual variants, the Frostivus Prize Patrol is here to spread cheer. A guaranteed visit to your in-game abode awaits every time you fill up your Frostivus Spirit Meter. Expect delightful Stocking Stuffers, including expressive sprays, everlasting stickers, and emoticons that capture the spirit of Frostivus, all delivered with the whimsy of a festive parade.

Frosty the North Ward and More Festive Delights

Delve deeper into the lore with Frosty the North Ward, a modest snowman rumored to wield power surpassing both Ancients. While his prowess remains a secret, his modesty prevails, adding an intriguing layer to the festivities. The celebration extends to Frostivus Hats, ensuring everyone is adorned with holiday cheer. Additionally, enjoy the freedom of consumables with unlimited charges during Frostivus, with the Frostivus Prize Patrol returning to collect them at the event's conclusion.

The Naughty or Nice Conundrum

Colorful Frostivus game event illustration with festive characters

King Kringle, the enigmatic overseer of Frostivus, scrutinizes player behavior scores with a keen eye. For those found on the naughty list, the ban hammer awaits to pulverize smurf accounts, enforcing penalties on associated main accounts. However, the nice list receives a different treatment, an otherworldly hammer that leads to a hospital stay, and an intriguing Frostivus Gift. Unveil the contents of your present to see the rewards your behavior score has earned you during this eventful year.


What is the main focus of Frostivus 2023 in Dota 2?

Frostivus 2023 in Dota 2 brings forth a celebration of festive cosmetics, gameplay enhancements in Patch 7.35, and three exclusive Dota Plus Premium Sets. The primary focus is on rediscovering the true essence of the season, characterized by joyous collection and customization of heroes with enchanting cosmetics.

How can players acquire exclusive items during Frostivus 2023?

Players can earn exclusive Frostivus Treasure Chests and Stocking Stuffers by participating in matches and filling up their Frostivus Spirit Meter. Each filled meter grants a locked Frostivus 2023 Treasure Chest, and players have the option to purchase keys to unlock these chests, revealing a plethora of holiday surprises.

Are there any special appearances or hero sets introduced in Frostivus 2023?

Absolutely! Frostivus 2023 unveils all-new item sets tailored for players' favorite heroes, along with the return of beloved holiday classics. Furthermore, players can anticipate the arrival of the Wraith King Arcana and the Crystal Maiden Persona, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event.

What’s next?

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