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How to go pro in League of Legends


Achieve at least the Master tier

There is a pretty huge skill difference between someone who is consistently low master and someone who is consistently high challenger but being at least master proves that you are serious about the game and it shows that you at the very least and know how to practice and improve your gameplay, there's a lot you can do to move from master and challenger whether it's working on your mechanics or game knowledge but you need to already be at that point before you even start thinking about trying to go pr, most organizations are only going to look for the best so you've got ton of competition, so aim to climb as high as you can on the ladder and this can definitely be easier for some players than others but making a name for yourself as a good player is never going to hurt your chances.

Network and build relationships

Making friends in higher elo and forming connections is huge for getting on a team. The more people you know the more likely someone might mention you as a possible player. Work on making friends and not making enemies as you climb the ladder. If you are not getting anywhere it is probably because you are missing this part in the industry.

Do not be toxic

Even though there were some players who were toxic and ended up getting in the professional industry, this shouldn't be your goal. If you are actually looking to build up a career in the game then you should always be a nice person so your chances gets high of becoming a pro player, don't flame your team in game and always maintain your mentality then you might be noticed that you would be a good fit in a team environment.

Build up your clout

If you are looking to become a pro then you might want to get known, try to stream on Twitch to show off what you got of skills, make a Twitter as every pro player has a twitter so that people can follow you so you can get connections easier. The more places you are available on the more likely you will be noticed. If you only play League and don't use anything else, it will be very hard for teams or players to take notice of you.

Be flexible

It is possible to go pro not knowing many champions but you are more likely to be selected for a spot if you are a flexible player. Try to learn as many champions for your role as you can and be as proficient as possible with them. Don't just be ok at each champion, be great with as many as you can. The more flexible you are the, the better player you will be overall.

What’s next?

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