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Valorant Crosshair Database (VCRB) Walkthrough

Valorant Crosshair Database (VCRB) Walkthrough

Valorant, Riot Games' popular tactical first-person shooter, is renowned for its precise gunplay and tactical gameplay. In Valorant, every tiny detail matters, and one crucial aspect that can significantly impact your performance is your crosshair. Well, we’re here to help with that by introducing you to the Valorant Crosshair Database.

The Valorant Crosshair Database is, as the name suggests, a database for all types of crosshairs. Most noticeably, you can find the crosshairs for recognizable pros like Shroud very easily. Today, we want to go through everything there is to know about this website, including how you can benefit from it and how to navigate it.

Therefore, if you were looking for a good place to find crosshairs for yourself then look no further!

What is Valorant Crosshair Database

Valorant Crosshair Database (VCRB) Walkthrough - Image 1

Before anything, let us go through what exactly the Valorant Crosshair Database even is. The Valorant Crosshair Database (VCRB) is an online platform developed by the community to compile and share various crosshair settings used by players in Valorant. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows players to explore, compare, and select different crosshair styles to find the one that best suits their playstyle.

With the introduction of the Valorant Crosshair Database, players now have access to a vast collection of crosshair settings from professional players and community members alike. In this walkthrough, we will explore the VCRB and learn how to make the most of this valuable tool to improve our aiming prowess in the game.

Customizing the perfectly fitted Valorant crosshair for you can take time, it's a struggle, especially for beginners. We know how boring it is to use the default Crosshair setting. That is why we're going to walk you through how to find the perfect Crosshair for you by using this Valorant Crosshair Builder we found here (

Navigating the VCRB

Valorant Crosshair Database (VCRB) Walkthrough - Image 2

Now that you know what the Valorant Crosshair Database is, it’s time to go through how you can navigate this database. To make things easier, we’ll divide everything into four segments, those being accessing the database, browsing crosshairs, the customization options the website gives you, and finally how you can save or share crosshairs you like.

Accessing the Database

This is, naturally, the easiest part. To access the Valorant Crosshair Database, simply head to the website using your web browser. The landing page typically provides an intuitive layout with search filters and categories to help you find specific crosshairs or filter by player, weapon type, and more.

Browsing Crosshairs

Valorant Crosshair Database (VCRB) Walkthrough - Image 3

Once on the website, you will see a wide array of crosshairs used by various players, including professionals, streamers, and casual players. The main page contains all of the crosshairs and features different backgrounds. You can search for crosshairs at the top or filter by categories like Fun or Teams. It also renders the crosshair exactly like in-game.

You can browse through the available options or use the search function to find a specific player or type of crosshair. That’s right, this is the perfect time to search up your favorite player’s crosshair.

Customization Options

The VCRB not only allows you to view existing crosshair settings but also provides customization options. You can experiment with different styles, colors, and sizes to create a crosshair that feels comfortable for you.

If this is the first time you are doing this, we recommend checking out the in-depth explanation of each setting first. It includes crosshair codes of many professional Valorant players such as TenZ's, Shroud's and nAts's.

Saving and Sharing

With this database, you have the option to create random crosshairs. After you have created your own crosshair with the builder you can simply copy the code and paste it into your Valorant crosshair profiles.

Alternatively, if you come across a crosshair that catches your eye or closely resembles what you're looking for, you can save it to your account on the website for easy access in the future. Additionally, the platform often offers sharing options, so you can share your favorite crosshairs with your friends or on social media.

How Can VCRB Help Valorant Players?

Valorant Crosshair Database (VCRB) Walkthrough - Image 4

With all of that out of the way, you might be wondering how this website can even help you in your Valorant endeavors. Well, there are actually multiple ways this website, or database, can help you improve.

Identifying Your Playstyle

Before diving into the plethora of crosshairs available on the VCRB, take a moment to identify your preferred playstyle. Are you an aggressive entry fragger, a supportive player, or a methodical sniper? Your playstyle can influence the type of crosshair that suits you best.

Researching Pro Players

Professional players are often revered for their impeccable aiming skills. Take some time to research the crosshair settings used by players whose playstyle aligns with yours. You can try out their settings on the VCRB and see how it feels in your matches.

Personalization and Practice

While pro players' crosshairs can serve as a good starting point, remember that personalization is key. Tweak the settings to find the perfect balance between visibility, precision, and comfort. After customizing, spend time in the practice range and real matches to see how it affects your performance.


A crosshair that works for you now may not be suitable in the future as your playstyle and skill level evolve. Continuously reevaluate and adjust your crosshair settings based on your performance and feedback from your teammates.

Is Crosshair CC Bannable?

Crosshair customization (CC) in Valorant is generally allowed and not explicitly considered bannable by Riot Games, the developer of the game. The game provides players with various options to customize their crosshairs to their preferences, including color, size, gap, thickness, and more. 

Riot Games even encourages players to experiment with these settings to find a crosshair that suits their aiming style and visibility needs. These customization options are accessible within the game's settings, and many professional players and streamers also tweak their crosshairs for optimal performance. 

However, it's important to note that while crosshair customization itself isn't bannable, using external tools or modifications that give an unfair advantage or alter the game's files could potentially lead to penalties or bans for violating Valorant's terms of service and fair play policies.

Where Can I Find Valorant Crosshairs?

If you're looking for inspiration or pre-made crosshair setups used by professional players, you can explore various online resources. Websites and forums dedicated to Valorant often feature discussions on crosshair preferences and configurations. Naturally, the best place is VCRB as we explained in this article, but it doesn’t hurt to have other options.

Additionally, content creators on platforms like YouTube and Twitch frequently share their own crosshair settings and explain the reasoning behind their choices. Remember that crosshair preferences can be highly individual, so it's important to experiment and find what works best for you through trial and error.

Lastly, you can also find community-created crosshair generator tools online. These tools offer interactive platforms where you can visually design your crosshair, preview how it looks in-game, and then generate a code to input directly into Valorant's settings. This makes it easier to experiment with different crosshair styles and find the one that maximizes your aiming accuracy and overall gameplay experience.

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