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Valorant Crosshair Database (VCRB) Walkthrough


Any veteran first-player shooter would agree; finding the perfectly suited Crosshair setting for you is something you do the first thing in the game. Valorant is a relatively new player in the competitive first-person shooter scene. Like in CS:GO, having the best crosshair in Valorant can give you an advantage against other players.

Customizing the perfectly fitted Valorant crosshair for you can take time, it's a struggle, especially for beginners. We know how boring it is to use the default Crosshair setting. That is why we're going to walk you through how to find the perfect Crosshair for you by using this Valorant Crosshair Builder we found here (

The main page contains all of the crosshairs and features different backgrounds. You can search for crosshairs at the top or filter by categories like Fun or Teams. It also renders the crosshair exactly like ingame.

Click on a crosshair of your choice and you will see different backgrounds, as well as a Copy Code button and Edit in Builder button.

If this is the first time you are doing this, we recommend checking out the in-depth explanation of each setting first. It includes crosshair codes of many professional Valorant players such as TenZ's, Shroud's and nAts's.

When you import a crosshair, you may find that the editor in Valorant doesn't show the crosshair like it looks ingame. This is a bug in Valorant's editor.

With this database, you have the option to create random crosshairs. After you have created your own crosshair with the builder you can simply copy the code and paste it into your Valorant crosshair profiles.

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