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Best Augments To Pick In League of Legends Arena Mode


With the new arena mode that Riot has added to League of Legends, there have been a bunch of changes. One of those said changes is about the various augments that have been added to the game in an effort to make the game mode much more different than, say, Summoner’s Rift or ARAM. However, as with everything else, some augments are definitely better than others. Speaking of, there’s also a major change to the arena ranked system.

Now, there are a bunch of different augments that have been added to the game. However, we’re here with five of the absolute best ones that are sure to help you win every single Arena 2v2v2v2 match. Those augments include Infernal Conduit, Infernal Soul, Executioner, Symphony of War, and Ultimate Revolution.

As always, we’re here to go through five of the best augments you can use in League of Legends’ Arena mode.

Infernal Conduit

Your abilities apply a burn for 5 seconds that deals 1.2 − 12 (based on level) (+ 2.8% bonus AD) (+ 2% AP) bonus magic damage per second over the duration. This burn stacks infinitely and refreshes with each application.

First up on the list is Infernal Conduit. As you can imagine, having an augment that has the potential to apply a burn for five seconds that not only deals damage but can also stack infinitely and refresh with each application is insane. 

Pair this augment with someone like Zyra or Heimerdinger who have AoE abilities that can deal DoT and you have yourself a winner.

Infernal Soul

You gain the Infernal Soul, dealing bonus damage when you hit enemies with Abilities or Attacks.

Infernal Soul Effect: Damaging basic attacks and abilities trigger an explosion around the target, dealing 80 (+ 22.5% bonus AD) (+ 13.5% AP) (+ 2.75% bonus health) adaptive damage to the target and nearby enemies (3 second cooldown).

Up next is the Infernal Soul augment. With this augment, you only need to hit an enemy with either an ability or attack and you get the infernal soul effect. With this effect, every ability or attack you hit triggers an explosion around the target. This is super useful in this specific game mode as the maps are usually smaller and all four champions tend to fight while huddled up.


Deal 15% more damage to enemies below 50% health. Reset your basic abilities on a takedown.

This augment is best for if you want to quickly finish off an enemy. Get the health of an enemy down to below 50% and take advantage of the 15% extra damage increase to wrap things up. With that one enemy taken care of, you can move on to the next enemy champion with all of your basic abilities reset. Let us hope you and your buddy are running one of the best combos in Arena mode.

Symphony of War

Gain the Lethal Tempo and Conqueror Keystone Runes.

Ah yes, the lethal tempo and conqueror keystone runes. Lethal Tempo is a Precision keystone rune that focuses on enhancing a champion's attack speed during combat. When a player takes Lethal Tempo, they gain access to its unique effect: "Attacks become significantly faster for a few seconds after hitting an enemy champion." 

This effect is triggered by dealing damage to an enemy champion or a large monster. Once activated, the champion's attack speed is drastically increased for a short duration, allowing them to unleash a flurry of attacks.

Conqueror is also a Precision keystone rune, but it focuses on empowering a champion's abilities and sustain during battles. When a player selects Conqueror, their damaging abilities and basic attacks grant stacks of "Conqueror." Once fully stacked (typically after landing several abilities or basic attacks), the champion gains the "Adaptive Force" bonus.

Ultimate Revolution

Once per round, refresh your Ultimate Ability after casting it.

Here it is, the augment we think is the best one to choose in League of Legends’ Arena mode. The reason we think it’s so good is because of the insane potential it has. Pair this augment with a champion that has a game changing ultimate and you can basically instantly turn the tides of battle in your favor.

For example, say that you’re using Kindred’s ultimate. With it, Kindred’s partner Lamb creates a ground under herself for 4 seconds, which prevents all champions from falling below a minimum health threshold, which is equal to 10% of each champion’s maximum health. 

They will become invulnerable for the remaining duration when they are at the threshold. Once the duration ends, all champions inside the ground are healed for a flat amount of health. 

With the Ultimate Revolution augment, you can pretty much do this. But TWICE, and that too back to back if you want.

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