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Main Tank vs Wide Tank in Overwatch 2

Main Tank vs Wide Tank in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2, much like every other hero FPS out there, has a wide variety of different roles players can assign themselves and pick the characters they choose from. However, while everyone knows that Overwatch 2 has tanks, what they don’t know is that the tank role is divided into two categories; main tank and wide tank.

Today, we’re about to dive deep into the two types of tanks in Overwatch. This includes highlighting the definition of Main Tanks alongside the heroes who fall under this category and then doing the same for Wide Tanks. Naturally, we’ll also include the mix tanks in this article.

So, without further ado, here are the differences between Main Tanks and Wide Tanks. If you want to learn how to play as a tank well, you might need good support first, and that can easily be done by hiring a professional booster from Eloking. Just don’t forget to use the code “BoostToday” or you’ll miss out on the 20% discount.

Main Tanks

Futuristic robotic warrior on a city street with glowing eyes

Let us first discuss what a Main Tank is and how it differs from a Wide Tank. Main Tanks are those heroes whose focus is to put shields, protect their teammates, and close the space gap between the enemy. Most of these heroes are the primary front liners of the team, while everyone else is behind them.

Heroes that are considered Main Tanks are:


He has to be the most obvious pick for a Main Tank because his job is putting down shields so his team can make moves.


Winston is a bit tricky, considering he has high mobility, but his playstyle also focuses on initiating the enemy and allowing his team to push.

Wide Tanks

A robotic warrior with a multi-barreled gatling gun in a battle environment

Wide Tanks, also called Off Tanks, are the ones who focus on doing massive damage to the opponent team. While they can dish out damage, they are also good at defense but not as good as Main Tanks. These guys usually try to disrupt enemy plays and punish them if they are in a bad spot or if they overextend.

Heroes that are considered Wide Tanks are:


Roadhog does immense damage and punishes anyone who comes close to his team or those in the wrong position using his hook.


His job is the same as Roadhog, but he has more mobility, letting him come in and out of positions.


Mauga does not have shields, but he makes up for it with his incredible damage and abilities that can dispose of an opponent in seconds.


The bubbles Zarya can make are perfect if enemies are baited into shooting them because it gives her immense damage in return.

Junker Queen

Just like Mauga, she does immense amounts of damage, just like Mauga, which makes her the perfect offensive leader.

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball is known for being highly mobile by using his mobility to control the positioning of the enemy team.


Orisa does lots of damage and can use its ability to stop others from knocking back.


Sigma is kind of confusing when seeing he’s got shields like Reinhardt, but he’s considered an Off Tank instead because it’s not his place to push but punish enemies who over-extend.

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Mix Tanks

Female character with futuristic outfit holding a blaster in a gaming scenario

Some tanks work as a Main Tank, and some as a Wide Tank, so they’re highly situational. These guys include:


D.Va can use her shields to stop enemy fire while also simultaneously being able to push into them using her rockets.


Rammatra has his shields that he can use at any point for a few seconds. Add that to the fact that he’s got insane damage, and you have a character that can do both.


Which one should you choose?

With so many options, you must be thinking if you should go for a Wide Tank or select a Main Tank. It depends on numerous factors, like what game mode it is, what your team's composition is like, what the enemy team composition is, and most importantly, what your playstyle is.

What’s next?

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