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What is the Easiest Lane to Gank in LoL

What is the Easiest Lane to Gank in LoL

Ganking in League of Legends is one of the most crucial parts of playing as a jungle. However, have you ever wondered which of the three lanes (topmid, and bot) is the easiest to gank or most likely to get you a kill?

By far the easiest lane to gank is the top lane because of several reasons. For starters, not only is that lane least likely to be warded but it's also disconnected from the rest of the lanes the most. Additionally, chances are the champions might be too busy focusing on trading to look out for ganks.

We'll be going through all three ranks from easiest to least easy in terms of ganking potential, so you know which lanes to prioritize the next time you're playing as a jungler.

#1: Top Lane

What is the Easiest Lane to Gank in LoL - Image 1

Let us start with the easiest lane to gank in League of Legends, the top lane. Now, there are a couple of reasons we came to this conclusion. For starters, the top lane is most likely to be disconnected from the rest of the lanes, as a top champion usually only focuses on their own lane. Additionally, you're also not all that likely to see the top lane warded.

Perhaps the biggest reason the top lane is so much easier to gank when compared to the other lanes is that the champions in that lane are mostly only focuses on trading successfully or farming to get stronger. While the bot lane has two champions and the middle lane is too close to both the other lanes and the jungle, the top lane champions are just doing their own thing up there.

Finally, the top lane is significantly longer than, say, the middle lane. While one flash will make it so the enemy champion you're trying to gank will be under their tower again, the same isn't true for the top lane. Because of this, you can plan your gank well and coordinate with your teammate to increase the chances of a successful gank.

#2: Bottom Lane

Remember when we said the top lane is much longer than the middle lane? Well, the same thing applies in the bottom lane. What's even better is that even if one enemy champion from the enemy team manages to get away, you'll still be likely to take at least one of them out if you coordinate with your teammates well.

Not only this, but the usual movement pattern of the bot lanes champions is usually pretty predictable, which means a seasoned jungler has the potential to be two steps ahead in terms of positioning.

One thing to watch out for is that the bottom lane is the most likely to be heavily warded. After all, a support is usually the champion that wards the most, so it's only natural they'll be warding in their own lane more while coordinating with the ADC.

Finally, by far the biggest reason you'll find junglers mostly ganking the bottom lane is that the champions down there are very squishy. While top lane champions and some middle lane champions have the potential to be rather tanky, the same doesn't apply to bottom lane champions.

#3: Middle Lane

What is the Easiest Lane to Gank in LoL - Image 2

The most difficult of the three lanes to gank is the middle lane. Now, you might be wondering why this is as the middle lane is the easiest to access and has multiple entry points you can take advantage of.

Well, the thing about the middle lane is that it's way too short. Because of this, as long as the enemy champion is playing it safe, warding, and looking at the map, they'll be able to retreat to their tower very easily.

Furthermore, if the lane is accessible for you if you're playing as a jungler, then the same will apply to the enemy jungler, right? Not only can the enemy jungler very easily jump the middle lane while you're ganking to even the odds, but because it's connected to the other two lanes as well, the champions from those lanes might make an appearance too if the enemy team is well coordinated.

Finally, if you come across an assassin enemy champion (or LeBlanc) then it might be borderline impossible to gank the lane if the enemy champion is even half decent. This is because they have various abilities that allow them to retreat more easily than other champions.

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