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Immortal: What is Immortal rank in Valorant?

While many Valorant players are fated to be stuck in silver or gold no matter how hard they try, some that have extraordinary talent can hit the pinnacle of Valorant ranks, the apex tier Radiant which makes up around 0.03% of the best players in every server. Just below that, however, comes the rank of Immortal, where a little over 1% of players are located, trying their best to break into the Radiant rank.

Immortal is the second highest rank anyone can get and, just like every rank below it, is divided up into three tiers. Those tiers are Immortal 1, Immortal 2, and the highest Immortal 3. Players are required to get 90RR, or rank rating, to go from Immortal 1 to Immortal 2, and 200RR to go from Immortal 2 to Immortal 3 with no cap on the amount of RR they can accumulate.

Is it hard to play in Immortal?

The reason there’s no cap on the amount of RR a player in Immortal 1 can accumulate is that not everyone that hits the required 450RR gets promoted to Radiant rank. Only the top 500 players in a specific server that are above the 450RR threshold get Radiant.

This means that you’ll pretty much be playing every match against the best players in your server, including professional players, streamers, YouTubers, and others who have put an insane amount of time and dedication into the game and want to hit Radiant rank.

Fortunately, you can have professional players on your own team as well if you want to win enough matches against these highly skilled players and reach Radiant rank to truly call yourself one of the best. All you have to do is hire a professional Valorant teammate from Eloking.

What’s next?

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