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RR: What is RR in Valorant?

Players that have played other competitive games will know about the ELO system. Well, Valorant has a similar system, but instead of ELO, the numerical unit that determines a player’s rank is called RR, or Rank Rating.

As is to be expected, if you win a match then your RR goes up, and it goes down if you lose a match. Something unique to Valorant, however, is the performance boost, which gives players extra RR for performing well in a match against players of a higher rank. Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing what your statistics in a match will need to be for you to be rewarded with a performance boost.

How much RR you have determines your current rank. Tier one is the lowest and tier three is the highest for each rank. To rank up from one tier to the next, players need to gain 100 RR. Therefore, if you are Gold 3 and reach 100 RR, you will be promoted to the next rank, which is Platinum 1. Every rank aside from Radiant, the highest rank, has those aforementioned three tiers.

How much RR a player gains or loses from a match, however, depends on a hidden MMR system, which puts into consideration the k/d/a and average performance of a player against other players of similar or higher ranks. To learn more about ranks, here’s a guide going through all the ranks in Valorant.

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