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Valorant ranks explained


Like all the competitive games, Valorant also has a ranked system. Valorant actually care about their ranked system and tend to do updates often.

In Valorant, you can't play ranked once you create your game account, you will have to win 10 unrated games so you get to play in the ranked game mode, after you finish your 10 unrated wins, you will have to play 5 games of ranked so you could unlock your rank since you'll be unranked.

What are Valorant Ranks?

Valorant Ranks List

Currently there are 8 tiers of ranks with 3 divisions for each rank except for the final rank Radiant (which was previously called "Valorant" in the beta). The ranks are Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal and Radiant. Therefore there are a total of 22 ranks in Valorant.

Only 500 players will be able to achieve the rank Radiant in each region. Radiant is starting from 400 MMR.

Performance in Ranked Games

In Valorant, whether placement games or playing ranked generally, the game always considers your game performance so if you perform really well and you lost, you don't lose that much of mmr and if you win games with poor performance you don't gain that much of mmr. Winning with huge difference always manages to get you so much mmr and vice versa.

Valorant Acts

Acts are seasons in Valorant. Every Valorant Act will last about two months, and during that time, you’ll be able to work on your rank and track your overall progression. There are three Acts in every Episode, meaning Episodes last around six months.

Skipping Ranks in Valorant

Yes, it's true. You can skip ranks in Valorant when you go on huge win streaks, have an incredible performance every game and basically be the match mvp for every game. This way the game realizes that you don't belong to that specific rank and makes you skip ranks.

What’s next?

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