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Radiant: What is Radiant rank in Valorant?

Every competitive Valorant player plays ranked with the intention of ranking up as much as possible. Well, the Radiant rank is the highest possible rank anyone can achieve in this game, but it isn’t easy to do so.

This rank comes right after Immortal 3, which is the second-highest rank in the game. Previously having been named ‘Valorant’ rank before being changed to Radiant, only the top 500 players that are above the 450 RR threshold in Immortal can reach this rank. Therefore, Radiant makes up less than 0.1% of the playerbase in any server, with 0.03% being the exact number according to reports from August 2022.

Players that achieve either Immortal or Radiant get their achievements showcased on the public leaderboard for everyone to see. However, one thing Radiant players need to be cautious of is that if a player doesn’t play competitive for over 14 days then the rank isn’t displayed on their profile.

Fortunately for players who reach Radiant rank, the MMR decay system isn’t present in this game. This means that if you go multiple days without playing a single competitive match, you won’t automatically lose RR to allow those lower than you to reach the rank. However, because only the top 500 players can be in Radiant at a time, the placements are constantly changing and people go in and out of Radiant constantly, but if you read our guide on how to reach Radiant, hopefully, you’ll be there to stay.

Because of this, having excellent teammates that understand the importance of winning every match is a must. If the teammates you get aren’t as good as you want them to be, then you can buy a Valorant boost.

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