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How to get Radiant in Valorant


As with every other FPS game, Valorant also got a ranking system. Their ranking system is kind of similar to League of Legends' Ranking System as both games are built by the same company which is Riot Games. Valorant Ranks starts with Iron and ends with Radiant, while having Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and finally, Immortal in between.

Reaching Radiant is the goal for every Valorant gamer. It might sound impossible to reach such a high rank but with the proper guidelines and true dedication, it will be possible for you to reach Radiant in Valorant.

The process of reaching the highest rank in Valorant may take time, so don't rush and take your time. However, we are going to help you get Radiant rank in the shortest time possible with the tips we got from our Valorant boosters.

How to reach Radiant in Valorant?

We have brought you the most effective tips to reach Radiant in Valorant. If you follow these tips carefully and grind the game then, reaching Radiant won't be a problem for you.

Always Be Consistent

Playing at a really high level requires you to be consistent in your gameplay. In order to remain consistent, play the agents that you are used to and stop filling for your team. If you think that you're confident in winning games playing duelist, then play duelist. If you keep filling just for the sake of your team, then you won't perform, therefore, you won't rank up quickly. Not to forget, keeping your aim on a high level allows you to win aim duels, and to achieve that, you can try playing deathmatch every day before queuing ranked. You should also try some aim training programs such as Aimlab as a lot of players use it to remain consistent.

Secure Most Rounds

A lot of players think that getting many kills makes you win games. That's not true, even though it's quite important to get kills, securing rounds is more important than that. Try not to chase for kills in eco rounds and play with your team. Securing rounds should always be your top-most priority as winning rounds make you win games, and then comes the rank up.

Be More Patient

Yes, patience helps you rank up. Try to hold more than rushing, for example, in the early rounds, don't just try and go to the site but instead, hold the pushes and wait for your opponent to make a mistake and capitalize on that. At this point, you should communicate with your team and let everyone know that we are holding this round because you don't want someone to rush somewhere alone and die.

Effective Communication

Communication with your team is really important and is a major factor in winning games. Valorant is a team game, you can't win without your teammates, therefore, you need to communicate with your team. You should always give useful information to your team and listen to the calls. If a game is not going well and your team is not happy, then try to bring them back together and try to win the game. However, if you think that your team is toxic and it is impossible to win the game with them then, you should mute them and focus on your gameplay.

Get a Perfect Crosshair

One of the factors that makes you feel comfortable playing the game, is Crosshair. When you play with a crosshair that you like, then you are most likely going to perform with it. There are a lot of Valorant Crosshairs that you could choose from, so take your time making or choosing your crosshair.

Have Better Game Sense

Game sense is that feeling you get when something feels out of place or you know that something is about to happen. In order to improve your game sense, try to use your brain even more in the game. The more you use your brain while playing, the better of a player you will be. This game is not only about aiming but also about thinking. You cannot improve your game sense in one night, it will take you a lot of games to improve your game sense so it will take time.

Buy Coaching and Boosting Services

Usually, buying such services makes your life easier. Getting Valorant boosting and coaching services will help you reach your desired rank quickly for a cheap amount of money.

Always Have Fun

The point of playing games, in general, is to waste some time and relief life-stresses. When you have fun, you will improve, and when you improve, you will rank up. So always make sure to have fun while playing your games and have a positive mindset.

How much RR do I need for Radiant?

It depends on what region you're playing from. If you're playing from Europe then you need 550 RR. If it's North America then you need 450 RR. Asia Pacific requires 400 RR to reach Radiant. Brazil requires 340 RR to reach Radiant. The easiest servers to reach Radiant on are Latin America and the Korean server, by only 200 RR.

Source: Riot Games

How many players are Radiant?

Each server has 500 Radiant Player. It can't be more than that. The top 500 players are shown in the in-game leaderboard and in order to stay in that fancy leaderboard then you need to stay active to hold your spot. To check the top 500 players for each region, use


We hope that you have enjoyed our guide on how to reach Radiant in Valorant and we wish you good luck on your Radiant climb.

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