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Is Smurfing Safe In League Of Legends


A common question that is being asked nowadays in League of Legends, is it okay to smurf in League of Legends? Is smurfing ban-able? Within this post, we are going to answer this common question.

First we need to know what smurfing is. Smurfing is when a player in a certain rank plays on another account which has a rank that is lower than his actual rank, therefore it becomes easier for that player to play on that specific level.

Can you get banned for smurfing in LoL?

The simple answer is No, smurfing isn't against League of Legends' Terms of Service. You can't get banned for smurfing. Some players usually own tons of alternative accounts and they never get banned.

Why isn't smurfing banned in LoL?

Even though it might sound disappointing for you, but, game creators actually love smurfs and encourage them even though they will never tell. Smurfs bring the game a lot of money, that could be from buying more skins in alternative accounts or even streamers who would smurf to play with their friends.

Why do people smurf in LoL?

There's many reasons why a player could potentially smurf, such as, a player who wants to play with his lower rank friends so he just hops on a smurf account to do that, a player who is tired of playing against his own rank since it's not that easy for him so he just goes against lower ranks, therefore, the games become easier for him, a player who wants to troll games or grief for his own pleasure and finally, a player who does ELO Boosting service, now what is ELO Boosting Service?

How is ELO Boosting connected to smurfing?

ELO Boosting is when a professional/high rank player logs into a Boostee's account (The person who is getting boosted) and plays on his account until he reaches his desired rank. Due to Riot' Rules, any ranked game played by someone that is not the original creator of the account may be considered Boosting and as a result may be eligible for punishment.

If your account was guilty of MMR / ELO Boosting, it is possible that the following is going to happen:

  1. 2 Week Account Suspension in League of Legends
  2. Your Honor will drop to level 0.
  3. Exclusion from receiving the current season's Ranked Rewards

And you could also get permanently banned if you were caught in second offense.


Smurfing is safe to do but ELO / MMR boosting is risky if you're not going to choose a safe ELO Boosting provider.

At Eloking, we have never encountered any cases of account suspension. Since we guarantee our customers safe boosting experience and guaranteed compensation if anything happened that would affect the satisfaction of our customers, you should always have Eloking as your top boosting service provider.

What’s next?

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