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15 Best Knife Skins in CS2 2024

15 Best Knife Skins in CS2 2024

Knife skins in CS2, believe it or not, have a significantly larger value than actual gun skins. After all, there's something unique about spinning a knife that has a super rare and valuable skin around in your hand. Well, have you wondered which knife skins are the best out of the many MANY that are acquirable in the game?

Today, we'll be going through 15 of the very best knife skins in CS2, from the Black Laminate all the way to the Gamma Doppler Phase 4. To determine which skins deserve a spot on this list, we'll be taking into account their overall popularity, value, and a little bit of personal bias as to how they look.

So sit back, relax, and let us know if our list of the 15 best knife skins in CS2 is in any way the same as yours.

#15: Bowie Knife - Crimson Web

Red and black tactical knife on a dark background

Estimated price: $110-$1,300

The first entry on this list is the Crimson Web skin that can be applied to a Bowie Knife. Despite the fact that this skin has the lowest base price of any other skin in the Crimson Web series, it's still able to deliver an attractive finish. 

The Bowie Knife's Crimson Web skin in CS2 is a striking and highly coveted cosmetic item that exudes a sense of danger and intrigue. Its design features a web like pattern in deep red hues, intricately intertwined across the blade, creating an aesthetic reminiscent of a spider's trap. Well, now we know where the 'web' part of this skin comes from, right?

This skin embodies the essence of mystery and stealth, making it a favorite among players who appreciate a combination of boldness and sophistication. Some players even claim that this skin might help players eco better by helping them dominate knife rounds, though we doubt that's true. All in all, this is a terrific knife to have if you want an impactful knife skin without having to burn a hole in your bank account.

#14: Classic Knife - Fade

Colorful gaming knife with blurred background

Estimated price: $437-$450

Ah yes, you know what they say; nothing beats the classic. Well, in this case, there are thirteen knife skins that did beat the classic, but you get what we mean. The classic knife's Fade skin is a combination of orange, pink, and purple that fades together beautifully. Hehe get it, fade.

The transition between colors is seamless, creating a captivating visual spectacle as the blade catches and reflects light. This skin's vibrant and eye catching appearance adds an element of style and elegance to any player's loadout. 

It is because of the fact that the skin is exclusively for the classic knife that so many collectors and casual players want to get their hands on this skin. The explosions of colors seem to have instantly captivated so many players, but unfortunately, not everyone who adores this skin has been able to acquire it.

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#13: Flip Knife - Ultraviolet

Close-up of a hand holding a purple folding knife high in the sky with clouds in the background

Estimated price: $101-$936

There are some instances where the simpler something is the better, and that's exactly the case for the Flip Knife's Ultraviolet skin. Having a dark purple base color, accented by bold neon purple lines and accents, the Ultraviolet skin is able to successfully display a wave of sophistication and modernity.

The bright neon coloring gives it a futuristic feel that makes players want to acquire it even more. One would assume that this skin would be straight out of a futuristic Call of Duty game or something.

The Ultraviolet skin is marked as Covert, with an extremely low drop rate, which means it's now considered a rare item. Of course, you have to know how loot boxes work in CS2 to truly understand what this means. However, despite the estimated price, some players might not need to spend a single penny on this skin as it's available on all the Chroma cases released back in 2015.

#12: Shadow Daggers - Black Laminate

Two tribal daggers with intricate patterns on a black background

Estimated price: $70-$100

Remember when we said we were taking several factors into account when making this list? Well, when we saw the price of the Black Laminate skin for the Shadow Daggers, we knew we just HAD to add it to this list. Not only is this one of the cheapest knife skins you can get in the game, but it also looks really good.

The Black Laminate skin is a menacing and rugged cosmetic item that gives off a sense of power and intensity. Its design features a black and silver laminate finish, giving the blades a sleek and edgy look. The design also extends to both of the blades, perfectly highlighting the duel wielding nature of the Shadow Daggers.

The combination of these colors creates a stealthy and aggressive appearance, perfectly suited for players who prefer a more tactical and covert playstyle. This skin might not physically take you back to the good old days when listening to Linkin Park was cool, but it'll sure feel like it.

#11: Skeleton Knife - Case Hardened

Colorful abstract pattern on a knife

Estimated price: $297-$995

Up next is a captivating and unique cosmetic item that showcases the beauty of the iconic Case Hardened pattern on a skeletonized knife. This skin features a gleaming silver blade with beautiful blue and gold patterns adorning its surface.

Perhaps the best thing about this specific skin is that every knife has a different Case Hardened pattern. What this means is that every single knife with this skin is truly one of a kind. Add in the blend of vibrant blue hues and shimmering gold accents that this skin gives the Skeleton Knife to create a visually stunning effect, and you have yourself a winner.

This Skeleton Knife design adds an extra layer of allure, with its skeletal frame and cutouts, giving the skin an intriguing and distinctive appearance. Whether you're a collector or a player, chances are you'll want to get this skin for yourself after witnessing it on the battlefield even once.

#10: Falchion Knife - Marble Fade

Colorful knife held in first person view in outdoor video game setting

Estimated price: $200-$250

Here's another knife skin that has an explosion of various colors. The Falchion Knife's Marble Fade skin makes it so both the blade and the handle are covered in blue, red, and yellow colors. If that wasn't enough, there's also the icing on the cake as the skin also ends with a smoke like finish

The smooth gradient effect gives the knife an elegant and sophisticated appearance, resembling the intricate patterns found in marbled stone. Hey, now you know why this skin is called Marble Fade instead of, say, Rainbow Fade. What's more is that the unique falchion knife shape adds a touch of uniqueness to the skin, enhancing its allure.

#9: Bayonet - Gamma Doppler Emerald

First person view of a player holding a green knife in a deserted street in a video game

Estimated price: $4,618-$5,544

Okay, we understand that reading the price of this skin might make you want to sit down for a bit but hear us out. A bright and green color on the Bayonet. That's right, that's why so many players are willing to splurge so much money for the Gamma Doppler Emerald skin. Well, that and the very low drop rate of this skin make it one of the rarest skins to be mentioned on this list.

The blade of the Bayonet is adorned with a mesmerizing emerald green pattern that resembles the vibrant swirls of a gamma doppler effect. The pattern flows seamlessly across the blade, creating a stunning visual display that catches the eye. The deep green tones combined with hints of black and silver accents give the knife a sleek and modern appearance.

#7: Falchion Knife - Damascus Steel

First-person view in a shooter game showing a knife and urban setting

Estimated price: $88-$154

Up next is the rustic yet cool looking Damascus Steel skin that can be applied to the Falchion Knife. It's a rugged and captivating cosmetic item that boasts a distinctive and textured appearance. The dark, weathered appearance with shades of gray and hints of blue, gives it a raw and industrial aesthetic.

Its design features a blade with a Damascus steel pattern, characterized by its intricate swirls and unique patterning that are apparently created through the forging process. If you're someone who prefers a no nonsense aesthetic as you march into battle, then this skin is definitely for you. What's even better is there's a chance that you might get it from a drop, low the chances may be.

#6: M9 Bayonet - Lore

First-person view in a tactical game featuring an armored vehicle and scooter

Estimated price: $500-$2,800

The Lore skins in CS2 already have a reputation for being very difficult to obtain but always being worth the effort. Well, the Lore skin for the M9 Bayonet is no different. Being a highly coveted and legendary cosmetic item that exudes a sense of mystique and power, its design is inspired by medieval tales. If you look closely, you should be able to see tales of old. Well, now you know why these skins are called 'Lore', right?

The blade showcases a captivating blend of vibrant colors, including gold, purple, and blue, with contrasting black accents. Do you want dragons? You got them. Do you want knights? This skin has them too. With its unique and intricate design, the M9 Bayonet Lore is a highly sought-after item by all sorts of players.

#5: Huntsman Knife - Doppler Ruby

First-person view in a desert shooter game with a focus on a red knife

Estimated price: $1,257-$1,476

Up next is one of the most beautiful knife skins we've ever seen on the battlefield. The stunning and captivating cosmetic item showcases a rich and vibrant color scheme that's inspired by the Doppler pattern. The Doppler Ruby features a blade with a deep ruby red hue that transitions into shades of purple and blue.

The sleek and curved shape of the Huntsman Knife enhances the elegance of the Doppler Ruby skin, which is why we chose this specific weapon to showcase. The intense red tones and the intricate patterns make this knife a true standout on the battlefield. Unfortunately, as you can see from the estimated price of this skin, it won't exactly be easy to get your hands on it.

#4: Survival Knife - Urban Masked 

Modern tactical folding knife with intricate design

Estimated price: $69-$199

Come on, how could we make a list of the best knife skins in CS2 without mentioning a skin that's more toward the stealthy side? The Urban Masked skin is a practical and utilitarian cosmetic item that embraces a functional and stealthy aesthetic. The aesthetic of this skin gives off a feel of it being perfectly suited for covert operations and outdoor adventures. Hide in one of the best camping spots in CS2 and equip a knife with this skin for maximum stealth.

The simplicity and straightforwardness of the design highlight the knife's functionality and durability, making it an ideal choice for those who value practicality over flashy aesthetics. This skin will stand out for being the only skin in the top 5 to not, well, stand out. Ironic, we know. The major plus point of this weapon? It won't burn a hole in your wallet either.

#3: Gut Knife - Lore

First-person view in a shooter game with a detailed knife and gloves

Estimated price: $88-$253

We know we've gone through the Lore skin once already, but we just had to go through it once more and this time for the Gut Knife. The unique shape of the Gut Knife further accentuates the beauty of the Lore skin, making it an impressive weapon of choice. We personally believe the Lore skin looks the best on the Gut Knife when compared to every single knife in CS2.

With its mythical allure and attention to detail, the Gut Knife Lore stands out on the battlefield, symbolizing tales of valor and legends. Its gold laced frame provides the perfect backdrop for the exquisite knotwork pattern adorning its edge.

#2: Butterfly Knife Marble Fade

First person view of a player holding a knife in a game with Mediterranean style buildings

Estimated price: $1,600-$1,700

While the Marble Fade skin in CS2 is already exceptional, the unique shape of the Butterfly Knife does well to bring out the colors even more. The blending of the blue, yellow, and red colors is easily the most harmonic with this specific knife. We would go as far as to say the Marble Fade skin is the best skin for the Butterfly Knife in general.

The marbled fade effect gives the knife a unique and dynamic appearance, resembling the swirling patterns found in polished stone. The distinct butterfly opening mechanism adds an extra layer of elegance and flair to the skin. 

#1: Karambit - Doppler Ruby

Player holding a red knife in a first-person shooter game overlooking a lush valley

Estimated price: $6,000 - $9,000

Coming up at number one is the Doppler Ruby skin making a return, but this time with the Karambit. Of course, the Doppler is a rather unique skin already since it has so many different phases, but the Ruby phase is definitely a standout, especially when it comes to the Karambit.

The Ruby pattern creates a dynamic and captivating visual effect that just can't be missed on the battlefield. If you equip this skin and queue in a match, we GUARANTEE people will see you coming. This skin might not be ideal if you prefer to play with the element of surprise on your side, but if you're someone who wants to flex a super pretty skin, then we highly recommend it. Well, just make sure you have enough money in your bank account otherwise it might not be worth it.

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