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League of Legends: Skarner Rework Release Date Revealed

League of Legends: Skarner Rework Release Date Revealed

The long-awaited Skarner rework is finally on the horizon. After what feels like an eternity of anticipation, Riot Games has unveiled the anticipated release timeline for the reworked version of the iconic scorpion champion. 

According to Brightmoons' unexpected revelation on reddit, Skarner's rework release on the PBE server can be expected with the 8th or the 20th March PBE updates. Live servers on the other hand may welcome Skarner as early as 20th March or 3rd April. 

The events that led up to Brightmoons comment are a whole other story. From the never-ending wait to random teasers, it has been a rollercoaster ride for Skarner mains. 

Community Frustrations with Skarner Rework

League of Legends: Skarner Rework Release Date Revealed - Image 1

Riot's teasing of Skarner's rework has been a topic of frustration among fans, with many feeling like they've been waiting for an eternity. However, hopes were reignited when Riot released a development update video, sparking anticipation for news about Skarner and other upcoming reworks and champions.

However, the video failed to mention Skarner at all, leaving fans disappointed. In a Reddit post discussing the video, a user pointed out Skarner's absence, prompting Riot Brightmoon to respond. He acknowledged concerns about the lack of Skarner news and reassured fans that the champion would soon hit the Public Beta Environment (PBE).

Release Date Speculation

League of Legends: Skarner Rework Release Date Revealed - Image 2

With the confirmation of Skarner's imminent arrival on the PBE, speculation is rife among players about the exact release date. Considering the presence of Skarner's icon and border on the PBE in the latest patch, players are hopeful that the rework could land in either the March 6 or March 20 PBE updates. Furthermore, whispers suggest that the rework might hit live servers as early as March 20 or April 3.

Player Expectations

The anticipation surrounding Skarner's rework is palpable, especially considering the long wait endured by fans. With over two years of speculation, players are eager to see what changes Riot has in store for the scorpion champion. Skarner mains, in particular, are eagerly awaiting the rework, with excitement reaching fever pitch among the community.

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As the League of Legends community eagerly anticipates Skarner's rework, excitement continues to mount. Players eagerly await the opportunity to experience the revamped version of the scorpion champion and see how it will impact the game. With the potential release date finally revealed, players can't wait to welcome the beloved champion back to the battlefield in all his revamped glory.

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