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Best Custom Crosshair For Overwatch 2 2023


When playing an FPS game, perhaps the most important thing to consider is your crosshair. After all, the crosshair is the one thing that supports you when you’re trying to get some accurate shots in, and Overwatch 2 is no different in this regard. Therefore, if you want a competitive advantage against other players, it’s crucial that you have the best crosshair possible.

Now, what the best custom crosshair is for you really depends on your personal preference and playstyle. Therefore, we’ve selected the best types of custom crosshair settings to show you, such as the best static crosshair, the best wide crosshair, and so forth. Like this, you can pick the one that best suits you and copy the settings that we’ll be giving.

If you’ve been looking to change your custom Overwatch 2 crosshair then look no further because we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about it.

How to Change Your Crosshair in Overwatch 2

Before anything, it’s crucial that you know just how to change or customize your crosshair in Overwatch 2. To do so:

  1. Boot Overwatch 2 and go to the main menu
  2. Press ‘Esc’ in the main menu and click Options
  3. Open the Controls tab
  4. Go to General and click Reticle settings
  5. Under the ‘advanced settings’ option, you’ll be able to customize your crosshair as you see fit.

Now, one really cool thing about Overwatch 2 is that it’s also possible to have different crosshairs for different characters. To utilize this feature,

  1. Boot Overwatch 2 and go to the main menu
  2. Press ‘Esc’ in the main menu and click Options
  3. Open the Controls tab
  4. Select the ‘change hero’ option under ‘all heroes
  5. From here, simply select the hero whose specific crosshair you want to change.

Using this option, you can have different crosshairs for different heroes. So, for example, since Widowmaker and Reaper have different playstyles, having a different type of crosshair for both of them might be a good idea.

Best Custom Crosshairs For Overwatch 2

Now that you know how to change your crosshair, it’s time to go through the best custom crosshair settings. As we mentioned above, there are multiple different types of custom crosshairs, so we’ll be going through all of them and giving you the best settings for every time of crosshair.

Best Overwatch 2 Dot Crosshair

The first and most common type of crosshair is the one that’s, well, a dot at the center of your screen. It doesn’t take up too much space and allows you to be extremely precise with your shots, especially with the best aim assist settings for Overwatch 2 being used.

This type of crosshair is better suited for sniper heroes like Ana and Widowmaker as precision is key for these types of heroes. Of course, you can use it for heroes like Zenyatta too if you want to land precise headshots.

The settings for the best dot crosshair are as followed:

Best Overwatch 2 Circle Crosshair (wide)

Up next is another crosshair that you might find familiar, the wide circle one. While it’s very similar to the dot one, the main difference is that the center of it is see through, making it look like a donut instead. 

Therefore, because it isn’t nearly as precise as the shot crosshair, it might be a good idea to use it for shotgun using heroes like Reaper and Roadhog as their weapons don’t require nearly as much precision as some other characters do.

Best Overwatch 2 Circle Crosshair (small)

Alternatively, if you would rather play with a circle crosshair that allows you to be more precise, it’s also possible to make the crosshair smaller. With this, not only will you have the shape you want but you won’t have to sacrifice any precision either.

Best Static Crosshair Settings

Up next is the static crosshair which players of other FPS games like CS:GO and Valorant will most likely recognize. The reason for this is that it’s the exact same default crosshair so many FPS games use. If you want a sense of familiarity between games then this might be a good crosshair for you.

As for how it looks, it looks like a plus sign at the center of the screen. In addition to standing out and being easy to spot or track, it’s also accurate enough to help you increase your precision when going for headshots.

Best Circle and Dot Crosshair Settings

The final type of custom crosshair we want to go through is the one that has a circle with a dot inside. This is actually what you might call the best of both worlds. The dot serves as any regular dot crosshair would. A small dot that allows for pinpoint accuracy and precision. The circle, meanwhile makes it easier to use attacks and weapons that have a larger radius like shotguns. 

With that being said, this crosshair is best suited for heroes that have beam attacks like Zarya and Mei. Because of the way the crosshair is, it’s possible to have a better idea of where the center of the beam is and where the outside sections are. Of course, you’ll still have to know the differences between using a controller vs mouse.

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