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How to See FACEIT Stats Directly in Steam Community Profile


FACEIT is a really convenient platform for CS:GO players. Along with having dedicated tournaments and matches on FACEIT servers, the platform also has its own FACEIT exclusive stats. However, going to FACEIT.COM just to see the stats of specific players can be a bit of a pain, especially since it’s the only way to do it. Well, at least that’s what most players believe.

Faceit Stats by Eloking, which was previously known as FACE-X, is a Google Chrome extension made by Boomix (the original idea of BananaGaming.) It displays user stats from on their Steam profile. Naturally, because it’s an extension of Google Chrome, it’s much more convenient than having to go to FACEIT every time.

We’ll be going in-depth regarding Faceit Stats today, including how it works and why it’s so useful.

What is Faceit Stats

Faceit Stats by Eloking, formerly known as FACE-X, is a Google Chrome extension that’s here to make life easier for FACEIT players. Has it ever happened to you that you came across a decent player on CS:GO, FACEIT, or even ESEA, but you forgot to check their stats? 

Numbers don’t lie, right? Have to make sure the one match that the player played well wasn’t a fluke. What better way to do so than by checking their FACEIT stats? After all, FACEIT is much more competitive than regular CS:GO, so a player with good stats there is bound to be good.

However, checking FACEIT stats is much easier said than done. You have to go through the entire process of logging in to your FACEIT account and searching for the player. Well, that’s what Faceit Stats is here for.

With the Faceit Stats Google Chrome extension downloaded and enabled, you can check someone’s FACEIT stats directly from their Steam account. As you can imagine, this is bound to save you a bunch of time and effort. Oh right, did we mention that the extension was 100% free? Because it is. It didn’t get over 10,000 users for nothing after all.

Now, this extension isn’t used JUST for finding out how good a player is before adding them. You can also use it to see when the player created their account and whether or not it’s a smurf account.

Advantages of Faceit Stats

In addition to saving you time and effort, there are a multitude of advantages to using Faceit Stats. Perhaps the biggest one is that it doesn’t matter if the Steam profile is private or not. As long as the Steam profile is linked with the player’s FACEIT account, you’ll be able to see their FACEIT stats. 

Oh right, speaking of stats, we didn’t mention all the stats you can see, did we? With the Faceit Stats extension, you’ll be able to see:

That’s right, you can see ALL of this simply by visiting someone’s profile. Pretty handy if you ask us. Much better than having to log in to your FACEIT account every time you want to see someone’s stats, right?

If you’re worried about potentially having to look for the stats, then you can let go of that unnecessary fear too. The Faceit Stats statistics are shown right under the player’s profile picture on their Steam profile. This means there’s no way you can miss the other player’s FACEIT stats.

Finally, one small thing that makes a world of difference is the fact that this extension also supports every Steam theme. So you don’t have to worry about the statistic box of Faceit Stats clashing with the rest of the website’s theme.

What’s next?

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