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Overwatch 2 Controller VS Mouse: Which One Is For You?

Overwatch 2 Controller VS Mouse: Which One Is For You?

There are two ways of playing an FPS game like Overwatch. Either going the route that most consider to be 'casual' and playing with a controller or using a keyboard and mouse to play. Well, have you ever wondered which method is better? What the differences between the two methods are?

There are several factors that make playing Overwatch 2 with a keyboard and mouse different from playing it with a controller. For starters, aiming is generally more precise with a keyboard and mouse, while the portability of a controller allows you to play it wherever you want. In the end, however, it all boils down to personal preference.

We'll be going through the differences between playing Overwatch 2 with a keyboard and mouse VS playing it with a controller so that you can decide which method of playing to use.

Which is Better For Performance

A dynamic video gaming scene with characters engaging in a strategic battleIf you ask anyone who has the slightest bit of experience playing Overwatch 2 both with a mouse as well as a controller will tell you that a mouse is much better when it comes to aiming. While we're on the topic, pretty much every FPS game will give you better game performance with a mouse than a controller ever could.

This is because the convenient point and click nature of a mouse allows for more speedy precision when aiming. This makes landing precise headshots and reacting to things quickly easier than a controller, which has slow analog sticks which aren't nearly as precise as a mouse is, even when you use the best controller settings for Overwatch 2.

Look at it this way. If a professional controller player and a professional mouse player were to go against each other in a custom game of Overwatch 2 with Widowmaker without any abilities or tricks, nine out of ten times the mouse player will win. This isn't to say controller players are bad. Far from it in fact. But a mouse is just superior when it comes to aiming, and when it comes to an FPS game like Overwatch 2, the aim is a crucial part of winning matches and performing well.

Now, notice how we said no abilities in the scenario above. This is because of the fact that there are several other factors in a game like Overwatch 2 that work towards evening the playing ground, such as abilities and ultimates. If an Overwatch 2 player who plays with a controller is smart with the abilities of their heroes, they can get rid of the gap between controller and mouse players.

Which is Better For Comfort

ramattra posing in overwatch 2

Now that you know which of the two is better for performance, what about the second most important factor when playing a video game? Of course, we're talking about comfort.

The thing about playing with a mouse is that you're pretty much bound by the distance you can go while still being in the range of both your mouse as well as your keyboard. Because of this, many players often spend several hours just glued to their chairs, only getting up when either their game session is over or when they have to go to the bathroom in between matches.

This limitation does not exist for controller players, however, as you're able to take the controller wherever you want as long as you're still about to see the monitor or TV screen. Tired of playing on the chair? Just get up and play on the bed. Your legs are tired? Just walk around without having to pause.

One might even say playing with a controller is much more liberating than playing with a mouse. This is the biggest reason many players prefer to play with a controller despite playing on a PC.

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Which Should You Choose

Time to face the elephant in the room. The question most of you must have right now. Which method should you use to play Overwatch 2? Well, it really depends.

See, the thing there are advantages and disadvantages of using either a mouse or a controller to play Overwatch 2. If you're someone who consistently plays in the higher ranks and has to play against players who are extremely skilled, then it might be a good idea to play with a mouse using the best keyboard and mouse settings for Overwatch 2 so you're able to match up with them in aim precision.

However, if you're a more casual player who likes playing every now and then for fun, or if you play against lower leveled players in gold rank or below, then we recommend you play with a controller so you're able to play in comfort.

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