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How To Get Cases in CS2

How To Get Cases in CS2

Cases have been a staple of the Counter-Strike series for a while now. After all, it's because of these cases and the other in-game items that the in-game digital marketplace for CS is considered to be one of the best digital marketplaces of all time. However, it's also understandable that newcomers to the franchise might be wondering how they can get their hands on cases.

Now, there are multiple methods to get cases in CS2 and we're about to go through all of them today. You can get cases through the weekly level up drop, by using real money and buying them from Steam, and through using third-party services. It's also possible to get lucky and get cases through Twitch drops.

So, if you want to get your hands on some cases in CS2, keep reading because we're about to go through every practical method to acquire them.

1. The Weekly Care Package System

Selection screen for weekly care package in a video game showing various rewards

The first avenue for obtaining CS2 cases is through the Weekly Care Package system. This in-game feature rewards players as they level up. By reaching the first two levels each week, you unlock the opportunity to receive cases as part of your rewards. This method doesn't require any financial investment and provides a consistent way to get your hands on cases that can land you one of the best anime skins.

2. Real Money Purchase and Buying on Steam

Counter-Strike 2 game page on Steam featuring images and information

For those who prefer to acquire cases with real money, we have two methods are available for you too:

Real Money Purchase

 In CS2, you need to buy cases with real money and don't forget, you'll also require a key to open them. The cost of cases varies, with the price depending on the contents. For example, the Snakebite Case offers items like the M4A4 | In Living Color and USP-S | The Traitor as rare rewards. This method is ideal for those who want to acquire specific items or are enthusiastic about investing in their CS2 inventory.

Buying on Steam

Purchasing CS2 cases on Steam is one of the most straightforward methods. Here's a quick guide:

  1. Launch Steam
  2. Access the Market
  3. Search for Cases
  4. Select Your Case
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3. Third-Party Services

Two characters from Counter Strike 2 in action

An alternative to purchasing cases on Steam is to explore third-party services. These platforms provide a different marketplace for trading CS2 skins and cases. The advantages here include the possibility of receiving real cash for your CS2 items instead of just Steam credit.

Moreover, third-party platforms offer additional features such as detailed filters and the option to bid on offers, enhancing the overall experience for those looking to buy and sell CS2 items. Be sure to check out these platforms, including DMarket, for a wider array of options and curated overviews to make informed purchasing decisions.

4. Twitch Stream Drops

Person holding a smartphone displaying Twitch logo with blurred game posters in the background

For esports enthusiasts who follow CS2 tournaments, Twitch Stream Drops offer a chance to obtain cases for free. By watching these tournaments, viewers have an opportunity to receive cases. While this method is more uncertain and time-consuming compared to in-game drops, it's an excellent option for esports enthusiasts who regularly watch CS2 tournaments.

To ensure you don't miss a single drop we highly recommend you follow Counter-Strike 2's socials. Turning on the bell notification is also a really good idea to make sure you're always notified when there's a Twitch stream with a drop going on. 

With that being said, Valve usually enables drops for Twitch streams when some in-game event is going on, so that should give you a good idea of when to start looking out for popular CS based Twitch streamers tweeting.

How to Open CS2 Cases

Screenshot displaying a Snakebite case being unlocked in a video game with various weapons available as potential content

Once you've acquired a CS2 case, the process of unlocking it is straightforward:

  1. Access Your Inventory: Start by clicking the "Inventory" icon to view all your items.
  2. Select the Case: Locate the case you want to open and click on it.
  3. Unlock the Container: Click "Unlock Container.
  4. Acquire a Key: If you don't have the appropriate key, the game will prompt you to purchase one.
  5. Select a Skin: Enjoy the process of selecting a skin from your CS2 case.

Remember that each CS2 case requires a specific key to open it. Ensure you have the appropriate key for the case you wish to unlock.

What’s next?

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