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How to Unlock Competitive In Overwatch 2


Overwatch 2’s a super competitive game and all sorts of players are hopping on the game intending to climb the ranks as much as possible. However, what many players don’t know is that the game mode isn’t unlocked from the get go. Instead, you have to unlock the game mode before you can start playing it by meeting certain requirements.

To unlock competitive mode in Overwatch 2, you need to play and win 50 quick play (or unranked) matches first. If you don’t want to do that, then you have one more way you can unlock competitive, but that’s only if you played the first game too. If you played the first Overwatch and you link your account with Overwatch 2 then you’ll instantly unlock competitive no questions asked.

If you’ve been looking for how you can unlock comp in Overwatch 2 then keep reading because that’s exactly what we’re about to go through.

How to Unlock Competitive in Overwatch 2

Now, as we mentioned above, there are two major ways you can unlock competitive in Overwatch 2. However, one of the two methods is exclusive only to players who played the first Overwatch as well. To make things easier, we’ll be going through both of the methods one at a time.

Unlocking Competitive By Playing Unranked Matches

The first and most common way of unlocking competitive mode in Overwatch 2 is by playing a bunch of unranked matches. Unranked matches are basically the unranked version of the game, where you get paired up in a random game mode without it affecting your rank.

To unlock competitive you have to play at least 50 matches. Notice how we said at least? Well, that’s because it’s important that you win 50 matches otherwise the comp mode won’t unlock. This means that just playing 50 matches isn’t enough, so you can expect to be playing the game for a while.

Alternatively, it’s possible to have a professional level player from Eloking play those unranked matches for you. Not only will this cut down the time by a LOT since you won’t have to actually play the game for yourself, but your account K/D will also see a major improvement since a Grandmaster level player will be playing the matches for you.

Unlocking Competitive By Linking Your Account

The second way of unlocking competitive mode in Overwatch 2 can only be done if you played the first Overwatch game. If you link your Blizzard account to your Overwatch 2 game, and you have prior game data with the first Overwatch, then comp will automatically unlock.

That’s right, you won’t be required to play through an insanely high number of unranked matches just to unlock competitive mode. This is probably done by Blizzard as a way to ensure that veteran players who played the first Overwatch game don’t have to unnecessarily sit through a bunch of matches. That too, despite already knowing how the game mechanics work.

What Happens When You Unlock Competitive in Overwatch 2

Unlocking Competitive mode in Overwatch is an exhilarating moment for players who have honed their skills in various game modes. However, the true challenge begins when you venture into your placement matches. 

These matches are a pivotal part of your Competitive journey, as they determine the rank you'll be placed in within the competitive ladder.

Placement matches serve as a calibration process, assessing your performance across a series of games to gauge your skill level. While these matches can be nerve-wracking, it's essential to approach them with the same strategic mindset you'd apply in regular competitive games. 

Each match matters, and the outcome of these matches directly affects your starting point in the competitive ladder.

The placement matches are designed to find the appropriate rank that matches your skill level, providing you with fair and balanced matches moving forward. Remember that your performance in these games isn't just about winning; it's about demonstrating your understanding of hero mechanics, map strategies, and teamwork. 

Whether you're a healer, tank, or damage hero, contributing positively to your team's efforts will not only help secure victories but also improve your placement rank.

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