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How to Get Rank Buddy in Valorant


Players who play ranked games almost always have something to look forward to for reaching a high enough rank in a season, and the same is for Valorant. Valorant players are gifted a rank buddy for every season they play and it’s always determined by their ranks. However, many players don’t really know the specifics of these little things, and that’s where we come in.

To get a rank buddy for a season, you just have to have played the placement matches in a Valorant season. With that done, you’ll get a rank buddy at the end of the season spending on the highest rank you were able to reach that season, Unfortunately, there are instances in which players haven’t received their rank buddies, but we have the fix for that as well.

Today, you can expect to learn everything there is to know about rank buddies in Valorant.

What are Rank Buddies in Valorant 

As most players probably know, in Valorant, gun buddies are cosmetic attachments that players can equip to their weapons. These small charms or trinkets hang on the side of the player's weapon, adding a touch of personalization and flair to their arsenal. While gun buddies do not provide any in-game advantages or affect gameplay, they are a popular feature among players who enjoy customizing their weapons and expressing their individuality.

Gun buddies come in various designs and themes, ranging from cute and whimsical to serious and intimidating. They can be earned through various means, and the ones that players can earn by climbing the ranks in seasons are called rank buddies.

How to Get Rank Buddies

Getting rank buddies in Valorant is fairly straight-forward. As long as you played all the placement matches in a specific season, you’ll be guaranteed to get a rank buddy for that season. However, there are a couple of things you should still keep in mind.

For starters, what color rank buddy you get depends on what rank you get in that season, Therefore, it might be worth hiring a professional level Valorant player from Eloking to play your placement matches for you to ensure you get a good start.

Additionally, if you fall off from your highest rank then you don’t have anything to worry about. Why? Well, that’s because players are rewarded with rank buddies based on their highest rank achieved that season. So, for example, if your highest rank is gold but you ended the season with a bronze rank, you’ll still get a gold rank buddy.

As for how or when you get the rank buddy, you just have to wait for the season to end. As soon as it does, you’ll be able to find your rank buddy for the previous season in your inventory.

How to Equip Your Rank Buddy

Equipping rank buddies in Valorant is a fun way to show off how high you were able to climb in the Valorant ranks. These buddies hang from your weapon, adding a touch of flair to your arsenal. To equip rank buddies, you have to:

  1. First, launch Valorant and log in to your account. Once you're in the main menu, click on the "Collection" tab located at the top of the screen. This will take you to your collection of skins, sprays, gun buddies, and other cosmetic items.
  2. In the Collection tab, you will see several categories on the left hand side. Look for and click on the "Gun Buddies" category. This will display all the gun buddies you currently own or have unlocked, including your rank buddies.
  3. Scroll through your available gun buddies until you find one you'd like to equip. You can click on each one to get a closer look and see how it would look on your weapons.
  4. Once you've decided on a rank buddy, click on the "Equip" button located at the bottom right corner of the item's thumbnail. After clicking, the rank buddy will be automatically equipped for your account.

Alternatively, if you would rather assign a rank buddy to a specific weapon then you can do that too. Just go to the "Agents" tab of the Collection, and click on the "Buddies" section for a specific agent. From there, you can choose which rank buddy you want to equip for that particular agent.

Didn’t Get Gun Buddy in Valorant

So, you played through an entire season of ranked in Valorant and were looking forward to showing off your brand new rank buddy, but it isn’t to be found in your collection? If this is happening even if the season has ended and you were sure you played all the placement matches, then don’t panic because you likely aren’t alone.

You see, the same thing has actually happened multiple times, where players didn’t get their rank buddies despite playing through the entire season. Fortunately, chances are that Riot is already working on a fix as we speak, as they quickly released a patch to fix this specific bug every time it has happened. Just cross your fingers and pray your update doesn’t stop at 0%.

Therefore, you’ll just have to wait a while for a patch to come out so you can equip your new rank buddy. Here’s hoping you played with some good professional level teammates, because that’s the best way to win matches and climb the ranks.

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