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Valorant Not Updating: Stuck at 0 || Fixed!

Valorant Not Updating: Stuck at 0 || Fixed!

Picture this. A new major Valorant update came out and you couldn't be more excited to hop on the game and play it. However, when attempting to install the update, you notice that the percentage bar just doesn't go up from 0. That's right, you have one of the most common Valorant issues currently, but we know how to fix it.

To fix the issue where your Valorant doesn't update and instead gets stuck at 0, the first thing is to, naturally, check your internet connection. This is because a faulty internet connection is the most common reason for this issue happening. If that doesn't work, restart your PC, set the priority for the Riot Client to high, and ensure that your system's firewall isn't blocking Riot Client from working.

We'll be going through a number of common solutions for your Valorant not updating and being stuck at 0 issue.

Check Your Internet Connection

Valorant Not Updating: Stuck at 0 || Fixed! - Image 1

Starting off with the most common solution to the Valorant not updating 'stuck at 0' issue as well as other issues like the one that doesn't let you buy Valorant points in 2023, you should ensure that your internet connection isn't faulty. The best way to do this is by simply running some other application and checking to see if the internet is working as it should be. 

Alternatively, it's also possible to go to one of the many speed test websites on the internet to check your download and upload speed. If your download speed is painfully slow, think a couple of kbps, then it's very much possible that it isn't that there's an issue with your update. Instead, while the update is indeed downloading, it's just downloading very slowly and you'll have to either do something to increase the speed of your internet or wait a long long time.

Restart Your PC

Valorant Not Updating: Stuck at 0 || Fixed! - Image 2

This fix is a rather general one and as such we won't linger on it too much. Two more common fixes for the Valorant not updating 'stuck at 0' issue are restarting either your Riot Client or your entire PC. As you can imagine, restarting your PC technically restarts your client too, so that's what you should do.

Simply restart your PC and run the Riot Client again and hopefully, your Valorant will update without any more issues.

Set the Priority For Riot Client to High

Valorant Not Updating: Stuck at 0 || Fixed! - Image 3

If your internet connection is working perfectly with other devices and applications, then there's a chance that your system simply isn't giving the Riot Client the internet speed it needs to download the update. Fortunately, this can be fixed very easily as all you have to do is:

  1. Open the Task Manager app
  2. Under the Processes tab, locate the Riot Client process 
  3. Right click on the Riot Client and choose the 'Go to details' option
  4. Locate the RiotClientService.exe process, and right click on it. 
  5. Finally, click on the Set Priority option and choose High. 

With this done, relaunch the Riot Client and try reinstalling the update. Hopefully, because your system will be prioritizing the client this time, it'll get the required bandwidth to download and install the update.

Ensure Your System's Firewall isn't Blocking the Riot Client 

Valorant Not Updating: Stuck at 0 || Fixed! - Image 4

While rather uncommon, some Valorant players have reported that their system's firewall was blocking the Riot Client, and therefore it wasn't able to install any updates. While different firewalls have different ways of enabling specific applications, what you generally have to do is:

  1. Search for the firewall's name from the Windows search bar
  2. Click on the name to run the firewall application
  3. Locate an option to 'allow an app through the firewall'
  4. Finally, ensure Riot Client is on the list. If it isn't, be sure to add it otherwise you won't be able to install the Valorant update at all.

With this done, all you have to do now is to relaunch the Riot Client, and this time you should be able to install the update without any issue at all. Well, unless your Valorant account is permanently suspended.

Other Fixes For the Valorant Not Updating 'Stuck at 0' Issue

Valorant Not Updating: Stuck at 0 || Fixed! - Image 5

While most players must have found the ideal solution to their problem by going through the fixes below, some individuals might still be struggling with the same issue. If you still aren't able to install the Valorant update, then there are some more things that might potentially help you.

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