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How to Fix Valorant Account Permanently Suspended


There are many things Riot Games does right. They have a fairly good anti-cheating system in their games, for example, which makes it more fun to play them when compared to a game that is more likely to be full of cheaters.

However, there’s one extremely common mistake that Riot makes when it comes to their incredibly popular FPS game, Valorant, which makes it so the accounts of players who log in after a long gap get suspended for ‘using third-party software’, despite that not being the case.

We’re here to go through everything you need to know about this specific problem, including when it’s most likely to happen as well as how to potentially fix it.

Why Does it Happen

Nine out of ten players who have received this specific error had logged into their Valorant account after a rather long gap. The generally agreed time is anywhere over a month of inactivity.

Here’s the kicker though. Almost none of these players had been using any third-party software either, and even if they did, they were third-party softwares that Riot themselves had said were allowed.

So why does this happen? Well, no one can tell for sure, but there’s a theory that this happens to players because of Riot Vanguard (Riot’s anti-cheat software) detecting some third-party software mingling with the Valorant client. That third-party software can be as minor as an antivirus software, which scans everything in the computer, including Valorant.

In addition to this, there’s also another theory that states this happens because of the accounts being inactive for too long. Apparently, when an inactive account suddenly becomes active again, Riot’s software assumes that the account has been breached by a third party, because of which it gets permanently suspended. Weird, we know.

How to Fix it

There are two ways to get around this specific problem. The official way that any Riot employee would recommend, and the unofficial way that pretty much every player who’d gotten their account suspended like this would recommend.

Method #1: Support Tickets

Yes, the first method is indeed sending support tickets to Riot support, hoping by some miracle a human being actually reads your message instead of a bot automatically replying to your ticket with an automated email.

To send a support ticket:

  1. First, go to Riot Games’ official Valorant Support website.
  2. Log in to your Riot account, ensuring it’s the same one that got suspended.
  3. Then scroll down until you find the red ‘submit a ticket’ option. Click it.

  1. In the ticket type section, click on the drop box menu, and select ‘recover my account’
  2. In the information section, write about your situation and how you were unjustly suspended without actually having done anything to deserve it.
  3. When you’re satisfied with your answer, submit the ticket.

We actually recommend you copy the ticket information you typed and store it on your clipboard. This is because you’ll have to submit much more than just one ticket if you want Riot to actually do anything. After all, they’re notorious for simply sending automated responses that state there isn’t anything wrong with their Vanguard software.

Method #2: Reinstall Windows

The second and much more drastic method involves reinstalling your Windows OS. This is because this error also mostly gives players an HWID ban, which makes it so that even if you make new accounts on that device, they’ll eventually end up getting banned.

To bypass this restriction, there are multiple steps you could take, such as using a good VPN to spoof your location, but the most surefire and long-term hassle free way is definitely to simply reinstall your Windows operating software, so you don’t have to worry about Riot identifying your old account again.

Of course, this method will make it so your old account will be irrecoverable and you’ll have to begin anew with a new account, losing all your old skins in the process, but being able to play with a new account is better than waiting for your old account to be unbanned by constantly sending support tickets.

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