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How to get free Crownfall Tokens in Dota 2

How to get free Crownfall Tokens in Dota 2

Dota 2 might have been dormant for some time thanks to a lack of meaningful updates and changes from Valve’s side, but that doesn’t mean the developers weren’t cooking up something amazing for fans. Well, we have our answer with the Crownfall event that has already started breaking records by giving Dota 2 the most number of current players it has had in a while.

The Crownfall Event has a new type of currency called Crownfall Tokens, which is the focus of today’s article. Here, we’ll go through everything about this new currency in Dota 2, including what it is, how you can get it, and the best way to use it in the game to ensure you don’t end up wasting anything.

So, without further ado, here’s how you can get free Crownfall Tokens in Dota 2. If you want to play with some high-level Dota 2 players then you can always hire a booster from Eloking. Just don’t forget to use the code “BoostToday” so you can enjoy a 20% discount on the service too.

What are Crownfall Tokens in Dota 2?

Crownfall Tokens

Let’s first understand what Crownfall Tokens are in Dota 2 and what they’re for. Crownfall Tokens are a type of currency in-game that you earn by playing in the event. You use these tokens to progress the Overworld Map, exclusive to the Crownfall Event.
Alongside Crownfall Tokens, there are also Crownfall coins which are used for discounts. If you have 10 of them, you can activate a discount that can give you $8 on any item that costs more than $8, or you can get them for free if they’re under that price.

In most regions, the discount is 8, but it may change depending on where you live. An important thing to note is that these discounts aren’t stackable, so if you’ve got 20 Crownfall coins, you can’t activate two discounts together.

How to get Crownfall Tokens for free in Dota 2

Collecting Crownfall Tokens

The main question on everyone's mind is how one gets Crownfall Tokens in Dota 2. To get Crownfall Tokens, you must play specific characters to get the token associated with them. Each hero in the game has three different types of tokens, where if you win a game, you’ll get the tokens associated with that character. However, if you lose, you’ll only be given a random one.

If you play a turbo match, you’ll get two random tokens associated with the character you’re playing if you win and none if you lose. So it’s better to entirely avoid that mode if you want specific types of tokens.

There’s no limit to how many Crownfall Tokens you can get, so you'll keep getting them as long as you play the game.

How to go through the map using the Crownfall Tokens?

In the Overworld Map, you’ll see multiple paths. The grey path is free, and you can progress without spending a penny. However, you must purchase the Midgate Pathfinder Pack to progress the purple path.

Every spot in a path requires a specific amount and type of tokens, which the game will highlight if you’ve selected it. For example, if you’re progressing through the map and you reach a point where you need an Initiator token, the game will show you what character you need to pick. There are some spots where you’ll need a combination of Tokens, which might require you to play multiple games with different characters if you don’t have enough.

In Act 1, there are 19 different missions, 53 total if you have the Midgate Pathfinder Pack, each with a unique requirement of tokens or a combination.


How long will the Crownfall Event take place?

The Crownfall Event will be the focus of every Dota 2 update for the coming few months. The event is expected to last till August 6 when it’ll finally conclude.

What is the Crownfall Event release schedule?

Below is the complete Crownfall event schedule

What’s next?

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