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How to Bunny Hop in CS:GO Ultimate Guide


There are many movement mechanics in FPS games such as CS:GO, with most of them being invented with the sole purpose of making you harder to hit. Well, perhaps the most common one of them is called bunny hopping (also known as B-hopping).

To bunny hop in CS:GO, you have to hold the W key to ensure you’re moving forward. Then, jump, and while in the air, press either the left or right strafe key. Move your mouse according to the strafe key you press (right for D and left for A). Finally, just as you’re about to land, press the jump button again and this time strafe and move your mouse in the opposite direction. Repeat to bunny hop.

Below you’ll find a complete guide on everything you need to know about bunny hopping in CS:GO, including how you can do it, what the advantages of it are, and how you can get better at it.

What Are the Advantages of Bunny Hopping

As mentioned above, bunny hopping is a movement mechanic that many high level players tend to use when getting from point A to point B in CS:GO. It basically means to continuously jump while moving left and right when in the air.

Now, there are a couple of advantages to bunny hopping in any FPS game, but we want to highlight two of them that we believe are the most important. The first, of course, is that bunny hoping when moving around makes you harder to hit for enemy players. After all, a moving and jumping target is much harder to accurately hit when compared to a target that’s on foot.

The second advantage, meanwhile, is perhaps even more useful. If you were to bunny hop from point A to point B, then you’ll reach your destination slightly quicker than you would have if you were normally running there. Although this increase in movement speed is slight, every advantage is a welcome one, and even a single second can be drastic in a game like CS:GO.

If you’re someone who wants raw numbers and statistics to back a claim, then running with a knife gives you a speed velocity of 250. However, if you’re able to bunny hop successfully, then your velocity gets boosted to values slightly above 300, at least in custom games. The velocity value is capped in competitive play at around 285, but that’s still an increase from running with a knife.

How to Bunny Hop

Now that you know the advantages of bunny hopping, let us go through how you can do it for yourself. All you have to do is follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1

To start bunny hopping, you first need to ensure the place you’re in isn’t too narrow or too short, as otherwise there wouldn’t be too much of a point in bunny hopping. When you’re sure you have enough space, start moving forward while jumping.

Step 2

So you’re moving forward while jumping. Now what you need to do is every time you jump, press either the right or left strafe key to make your character move toward that side. If the first time you press the right strafe key, then the next time you jump you have to press the left strafe key. Keep alternating between the two until you’ve gotten the hang of it.

After getting a bit used to alternating between the strafe keys every time you jump, you now need to implement mouse movement as well. Every time you move right during a jump, make your mouse move to the right as well, and every time you move left during a jump, make your mouse move left as well.

Step 3

The final and perhaps most difficult part of bunny hopping in an FPS game is timing your jumps. You have to press the jump button JUST before you’re about to land to make it so your contact with the ground is as short as possible.

If you don’t get this step down the first time, then don’t worry. Bunny hopping is a mechanic that takes some time and practice to get used to, and it’s largely because of players not being able to time their jumps properly.

Step 4

After getting steps 1-3 down, all you have to do is keep repeating them to successfully bunny hop. If you want to check your speed/velocity to ensure you’re hitting the numbers you should, then type cl_showpos1 in the developer console to bring up the required statistics at the top left of the screen.

How to Improve Your Bunny Hopping

There are a couple of things you can do to improve your bunny hopping, though we recommend you first try it out for yourself to see what feels more natural to you. After all, not everything is for everyone.

Add Strafing

Although bunny hopping does have you using the movement keys to pull it off properly, it’s still possible to add some more strafe in the bunny hopping formula to ensure you’re able to be even quicker and more unreliable all the while not having to sacrifice any aiming accuracy.

Basically, what we’re looking for when strafing while bunny hopping is angular movements that ordinary players aren’t able to pull, at least not without some practice and tips. If you want to learn more about this, then here’s how to get better at strafing and counter-strafing in CS:GO.

Change Your Direction

Yes, we did say that you had to move forward when bunny hopping, but that’s more so for beginners or players who aren’t looking to experiment. It’s also possible to bunny hop when moving in a different direction. Backward, left, right, diagonal, you name it.

However, the fact of the matter is that bunny hopping in a direction that isn’t forward is significantly harder than regular forward bunny hopping, and as such requires that much more practice.

Additionally, pressing the right keys at the right time also becomes much more confusing. For example, if you were to bunny hop while moving right or left, then your strafing keys will be W and S instead of A and D. If muscle memory starts kicking in and you end up pressing the wrong key in the middle of the match, then you might be in trouble.

Use the Element of Surprise

The extra speed velocity bunny hopping offers players might not be all that useful when used in any regular context, but it can be invaluable when used under the right circumstances.

For example, using bunny hopping to rush a bomb plant and catch the enemy off guard, or maybe to cut a corner much quicker than you would regularly be able to. Additionally, when an enemy hears you running, chances are they’ll expect you to have either a pistol or knife, but surprising them with an assault rifle or any other primary weapon of your choice should give you the element of surprise against them.

Practice as Much as You Can

At the end of the day, how well you can do anything regardless of what game it’s in, depends on how much practice you’ve put into it. We recommend using either bunny hopping servers or regular custom games to get the hang of bunny hopping, at least enough so that you’re able to pull it off perfectly in an actual competitive game.

Of course, no one likes practicing alone, and we have a solution for that too. You can hire a professional booster from Eloking to not only push your competitive rank up by playing ranked games but to also solve any queries you might have regarding bunny hopping.

What’s next?

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