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Mastering D.Va: Tips and Tricks for Playing the Tank Hero in Overwatch 2


D.Va is a tank hero in Overwatch 2, known for her high damage output and ability to block incoming projectiles with her Defense Matrix ability. With 650 base health, divided into 350 health and 300 armor, she is capable of soaking up a lot of damage on the frontline. She also has the Tank role passive, which reduces the effectiveness of knockbacks and the amount of ultimate charge gained when damaging or healing her.

Strategies for playing D.Va

One of the key strategies for playing D.Va effectively is to use her Defense Matrix in short bursts, allowing her to eat up a few projectiles before taking hits to her armor, which has innate damage reduction. This will put a bit more strain on her healers, so it's important to use the offensive side of her kit, such as her high basic attack damage and Micro Missiles, to apply pressure to attackers and displace enemies with Boosters.

Another important aspect of playing D.Va is using her ultimate, Self-Destruct, at the right time. While it has the potential to wipe out the entire enemy team, it can also be used as a zoning ability by forcing enemies to run for cover. For example, dropping a Self-Destruct in the center of a control point will cause all enemies to run to the nearest wall, giving an ally like Junkrat an opportunity to use Riptire on that location.

How to unlock the free Sleighing D.Va legendary skin?

Players can also unlock the free Sleighing D.Va legendary skin by completing the Winter Wonderland event quest, which consists of winning nine games in any game mode. This skin features D.Va in a festive Santa outfit, complete with a red and white hat and a sled full of presents.

What are the abilities of D.Va?

Is there a team synergy when 2 D.Va's play together?

No, there is no notable synergy when 2 D.Va's play together.

Team synergy between Sigma and D.Va

Having Sigma on your team can be a huge advantage when it comes to negating incoming projectiles and protecting your team. Sigma's Experimental Barrier ability is particularly useful for this purpose, allowing him to absorb a large amount of damage and provide cover for his teammates. However, it's important to note that beam weapons like those of Zarya and Symmetra can be more difficult to defend against with Sigma's abilities. In these cases, it's important for both Sigma and D.Va to do their fair share of absorbing projectiles and not rely solely on one hero's defenses. If Sigma's Experimental Barrier goes down, both he and the team will be more vulnerable, so it's important to be mindful of this in the heat of battle.

What achievements are there for D.Va?

Shot Down

Use D.Va's Defense Matrix ability in Quick or Competitive play to absorb up to 1500 damage in a single use.

Game Over

Eliminate 4 enemies with a single use of D.Va's Self-Destruct ability in Quick or Competitive play.

Where can I learn more about the technical details of V.Da?

From her abilities and base stats, to her role in the game and strategies for using her effectively on the battlefield. Whether you're a seasoned player looking to improve your skills with D.Va or a newcomer to the hero, this link has all the information you need to succeed. Simply visit to learn more.

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