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5 Pro Tips on How to Climb Solo Queue in Overwatch 2

5 Pro Tips on How to Climb Solo Queue in Overwatch 2

With the recent launch of Overwatch 2, the much awaited sequel to Overwatch, which was the game of the year for 2016, many players are jumping back into the game, hoping to climb the ranks.

However, understandably so, not everyone has friends who still play the game, so they might be seeing themselves solo queuing a lot in competitive mode, which isn't an easy thing to do seeing as how Overwatch 2 is, by nature, a team based game. It's unlikely that you'll find good players in your team every game.

To help those of you who solo queue in Overwatch 2, regardless of the reason you do it, we're here with some tips we've collected from our own professional players. These tips are sure to help you climb solo queue and prove you don't need anyone to be great.

Tip #1: Don't Be Kill Greedy

Many players tend to play Overwatch 2 like they're playing a game of Call of Duty's team deathmatch. However, Overwatch 2 isn't a game where the number of enemies you take out determines whether you win or lose. Of course, unless you're playing the competitive elimination mode.

Instead, the normal competitive matchmaking makes it so you have to play an objective based match. Take the newest game mode, escort for example. What both teams have to do is stand near the robot and make it push the objective, with the team that manages to push it the furthest winning.

Because of this, it might be a good idea to stand near the robot to ensure you're able to get those last couple of meters in instead of leaving its side and joining your team in trying to take out the enemy team.

Tip #2: Be Prepared to be Adaptable

Solo queuing is much different than playing with people you know, the reason being that sometimes you make have to compromise on many different factors of the game. 

Take the role you play for example. Everyone wants to play as a DPS, but sometimes you might have to pick a tank or healer if you notice your team needs one, even if you might not be all that good with it.

Game role selection screen displaying Tank, Damage, and Support options with waiting times

Similarly, sometimes you might have to take the role of the leader, while other times you might have to follow a teammate of yours, even if they're a stranger. Because you don't know the playstyles of teammates, the only thing you can do is learn on the fly by being adaptable.

Struggling to win? Bad teammates? Steam Nose Emoji
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Tip #3: Be Self Sufficient

Perhaps the most important tip we have for you guys today is to learn how to be self sufficient, regardless of the role you're playing. Take the assistance of your teammates as something to be welcomed instead of something that is required for you to play properly.

Say you're playing as a DPS for example. Don't expect your teammates to heal you every time you're low, after all, the healer or healers will be complete strangers, so you can't rely on them. Instead, memorize the locations of the various health packs that are scattered around the maps, and use them when you're low instead of waiting around for your healers.

Similarly, tanks and healers can also deal a good amount of damage without having to rely on teammates too much, with Mercy being the only exception because of her pitiful damage dealing potential, although there are ways for you to bypass that too. We've written an entire guide dedicated to climbing as a support in Overwatch 2 for those interested.

Tip #4: Play on High Ranks

This might sound a little counterproductive, seeing as how this guide is written to teach others how to climb the ranks in the first place, but hear us out. The biggest downside when it comes to solo queuing is that the skills of your teammates are a complete mystery.

However, if you're playing in a lower, rank, then it might be safe to assume that the skills of the players you get paired up with might be reflective of that rank, with the same thing being true for higher ranks.

Because of this, we recommend you try to climb the ranks with people you know before solo queuing. Alternatively, if you haven't played your placement matches yet, then the best thing you can do is hire an Eloking professional player to play those placement matches for you to ensure you get as high a rank as possible.

If you've already played your placement matches, then no problem. You can also hire a professional Eloking booster to get you to whatever rank you want (We personally recommend at least high Gold or low Diamond, as that's where the skilled players start).

Tip #5: Memorize Different Heroes

Hero Gallery screen showing a selection of Overwatch characters categorized by Tank, Damage, and Support roles

The hero selection in Overwatch 2 is similar to a game of rock, paper, and scissors. A hero might be strong against one hero, but weak against another. Take Reaper, for example. If you're paired against a Winston, then it shouldn't be too much of a problem taking it out, but if the enemy team has a skilled Widowmaker, then you might find yourself in some trouble because of her range advantage against a close range hero such as Reaper.

Similarly, say you're playing Mercy, but you realize your team isn't dealing as much damage as it should be. In this scenario, it might be a good option to pick, say, Zenyatta, who's a hero that can deal damage all the while healing the team.

Because of this, it's a good idea to have a general idea of how to play many different types of heroes, even if they might be of the same role. It's recommended that you know at least two heroes of all three roles, although it doesn't hurt to be good in more.

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