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The Build Guild - A Complete Analysis

The Build Guild - A Complete Analysis

The gaming industry is an ever-expanding one, and although there are many creators who were able to make it big, there are also some that were not able to. Streamer groups in particular. like Offline TV (OTV), had seen a major rise in popularity during the mid 2010, with everyone trying to go the Faze clan and Sidemen route.

The streaming group we want to specifically focus on today was called The Build Guide. Did you notice how we said their name in the past tense? Well, that's because they disbanded a while back, despite having some pretty big name Twitch streamers.

We'll be going through everything you might want to know about The Build Guide. This includes what they were, what they specialized in, and what the streamers are doing now.

What Was The Build Guide Initially?

The Build Guild - A Complete Analysis - Image 1

Starting off, what was The Build Guide? Well, we touched on this subject a little in the intro, but they were basically A group of friends getting together to build a strong community. They wanted to do this through the power of live streaming exclusively on Twitch.

They were a group of eight streamers, all with their own Twitch channels and face cams showing up on streams. Those streamers included:

  1. Wolv21 (General Manager)
  2. Wylld
  3. Acoustic
  4. Giantwaffle
  5. CrustyMustard
  6. iJevin
  7. Sevadus
  8. Soaryn

What did they live stream? Just about everything related to video games. While they tried to focus on some fun group based games at first like Minecraft, they eventually moved on to something different. 

While they weren't able to make it as big as some other gaming groups were able to, their charm and friendly banter with each other created a small yet dedicated fanbase.

The Build Guild Season 2

The Build Guild - A Complete Analysis - Image 2

Eventually, the Build Guild, despite having been rather consistent, stopped streaming with each other completely. If the VODS are to be believed, they also ended up deleting their previous VODS, making their fanbase wonder what was going on behind the scenes.

Fortunately, they made their triumphant return on the 13th of December, 2015. Wanting to switch things up a little, they started a Podcast named, you guessed it, The Build Guide. Now, some of you might be surprised to learn that this podcast is how they were able to expand their fanbase to reach around 8k followers on Twitch, which is no easy feat.

Sadly, it seemed as though they were not able to keep things consistent, as the faces of the podcast would change every time, with only some key members still being there. They eventually settled on a guest system, where new faces would show up on every podcast to discuss random things, although their focus was mostly still on video games.

The Build Guild - A Complete Analysis - Image 3

Now, you might be wondering just how long they were able to go with this podcast, right? Well, don't be too disappointed, but they stopped streaming in the middle of 2016 after having just six podcast episodes. For the Twitch viewers, this happened out of nowhere, as they specifically end the last episode with "See you next time." However, for people following the streamers individually on Twitter, they might have a better idea of how, well, life just happened.

The Build Guide of Today

The Build Guild - A Complete Analysis - Image 4

At the time of writing, The Build Guide has still not come out with a season 3, although they've been talking about it for a while on Social media. Speaking of social media, their official Twitter account has gotten suspended at the time of writing for breaking the terms of service, though we don't know why.

As for the members, some of them have continued streaming on Twitch, and all of them are pretty active online. One streamer who used to be part of The Build Guide and has done significantly well for himself is GiantWaffle, who some of you might have heard of before.

He has gone on to join Loaded.gg, a group that has some really well known streamers like QuarterJade and Joshseki. He frequently pulls over 2000 live viewers every single stream and plays games like Farming Simulator 22 and the occasional Riot games. For those curious about his followers, at the time of writing, he's sitting at over 800,000 followers which is absolutely insane.

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