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Release Date of League of Legends Season 14

Release Date of League of Legends Season 14

We’re sure many of you out there can’t wait for the new season of Riot’s golden goose, League of Legends to come out. However, one thing many players don’t know is that Riot is doing something rather different this time around. Because of it, you’ll have to wait a couple of months more for season 14 to come out.

Riot has recently released their statement on the season 14 release date for League of Legends. Instead of it coming out around the end of October like many people thought, it will now be coming out in the first week of January. There will now be three splits every League of Legends season to make it so that a season lasts for an entire year.

If you’ve been wondering when the 14th League of Legends season is about to come out then keep reading.

A 12-Month Ranked Experience

Release Date of League of Legends Season 14 - Image 1

Gone are the days of counting down the weeks and months until the next League of Legends ranked season. With Season 14, Riot is embracing a groundbreaking concept that will forever alter the landscape of ranked play: a year-long ranked experience. Instead of the usual two-month breaks between seasons, players will now be able to engage in competitive ranked matches throughout the entire year.

The current ranked split is being extended until January 3, 2024, to facilitate the transition to this new era. Season 14 will officially kick off on January 9, 2024, coinciding with the release of patch 14.1. This monumental shift is set to redefine the way players approach ranked play in League of Legends.

Important Dates for LoL Season 14

For those eagerly anticipating the changes, here are the key dates to mark on your calendar, as provided by the official League of Legends website:

Victorious Skins Galore

Release Date of League of Legends Season 14 - Image 2

While the prospect of playing ranked all year long is exhilarating, Riot Games has sweetened the deal even further. Season 14 will offer players the chance to earn up to three Victorious skins in a single year. These prestigious skins have long been a symbol of a player's commitment and skill in ranked play, and now, the opportunity to collect multiple Victorious skins in a single season is within reach.

The Year-Round Ranked Revolution

Release Date of League of Legends Season 14 - Image 3

Riot Games' decision to split the ranked season into three parts is not just a random change but a strategic move aimed at improving the overall ranked experience for players. The developers believe that spreading ranked play across the entire year will encourage players to remain engaged with the game consistently. No longer will you have to endure lengthy breaks in your competitive journey; the next split is just around the corner, with a mere four-month wait.

With the year-long ranked experience, players can remain engaged with the competitive side of the game throughout the year. This consistency will likely help players improve their skills and enjoy a more satisfying ranked experience.

Additionally, the three-split system allows players who missed out on one split to easily jump into the next. Whether due to time constraints or a hiatus from the game, you'll only have to wait a few months before getting back into the competitive action.

Finally, with more splits and an extended ranked season, there are increased opportunities for players to work on their skills, adapt to meta changes, and achieve their ranked goals. The added time and flexibility can be a boon for aspiring esports professionals as well as casual players.

What’s next?

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