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How To Rank Up Faster In CS:GO


It's nearly impossible to tell when you are going to rank up in CS:GO. Despite that, there's some factors that could help you rank up faster. Ranking up in CS:GO depends on the ELO system, which means that you play versus players with close ELO to yours, and when you win, you take certain amount of elo, same as when you lose, you lose some ELO. We have asked our professional boosters about factors that could help you rank up faster and we have got a reliable answer, so follow up below with those factors.


Having a consistent high performance will definitely help you rank up faster, if you're always top fragging and making crucial plays, you're most likely expected to gain more ELO. Even if you lose, but you're performing well, you won't lose that much ELO that you would if you were under performing, so to have a consistent performance you got to have a warm-up routine before going on ranked games so make sure to do that as well.

MVP Stars

According to a research of ours, having MVPs is just as important as being a top fragger in regards to ranking up. You can get MVPs by planting the bomb, having most eliminations in a single round or even defusing the bomb. If you are compared to someone who has 1-2 MVPs when you have like 8-9 MVPs then you're the favored one to rank up in this case.

Queue Up With Higher Ranks

Let's say that you're DMG and you're queuing up with a Supreme and you go against other Supreme players, the chances of you ranking up if you win that game is higher than when you queue up with lower ranks or even your exact same rank. So if you have higher rank friends, go ahead and queue up with them so you could rank up faster

Win Most Rounds

Every single round you win is a victory for your rating, winning a game 16-0 will definitely get you more ELO points than winning a game 16-14, so you should consider winning every single round if you want to make your chances higher to rank up.

Have A Good Trust Factor

Having a Yellow or Red trust factor is definitely not better than having a Green one, we have noticed that players with Green trust factor are most likely to rank up faster than players with Yellow/Red ones, so don't do stuff that would affect your trust factor, e.g. Griefing.

Buy boosting

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What’s next?

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