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5 Best Valorant Sage Walls


Sage is one of the most recognizable agents in all of Valorant, and it isn’t only because she is the game’s poster girl. It’s also because of her super-unique ability to create a wall basically anywhere. It’s pretty much like Mei’s ice wall in Overwatch 2 except much more useful. However, have you ever wondered what the best Sage walls are in the game?

Now, whether or not a Sage wall is good depends on multiple factors that can vary depending on the circumstances of the match. However, we’re here with five of the absolute best walls to put up. To make things fun, we’ve ensured all the walls are from different maps. Don’t want to show favoritism, right?

Keep reading to see our picks for the five best Sage walls in Valorant.

#5: Lotus (C Main)

If you’ve played on Lotus before, then chances are that you’ve seen this Sage wall put up before. The first pick of ours is the spot directly behind the stacked boxes in C main connecting to the site.

There are multiple reasons we believe this Sage wall is the best one on the map. For starters, it provides an uplifting angle for defenders to peek at the attackers and catch them off guard. If things go south, then it’s also possible to just take cover either by using the wall itself or by falling back into the site.

It’s because of this potential for adapting to multiple situations that we believe this specific Sage wall is one of the best in the entire game.

#4: Pearl (B Side Nest)

The fourth-best Sage wall in the entire game has to be the one in the Pearl map. On the B site, you’ll notice that there will be a window opening on the West side. 

You want to get up to the edge of the window and make a wall as shown in the picture. Make sure you shift a little to the right, otherwise, you’ll risk a roof collusion. Yes, you want to be on the wall as it’s made so you’re able to ride it.

So, why should you be on the wall when it’s made? Well, because this wall isn’t used for providing cover. On the contrary, you are to use this wall to get access to the B Link from mid. This way, you should be able to get a couple of frags easily by taking out unexpecting enemies.

#3: Ascent (A Site Execute)

Coming up at number three is a rather simple yet effective wall. Basically, if you want to exit A main and head over to A site without getting gunned down in the way, you can use a neat little trick. Stand at the edge of A main and use Sage’s wall. Rotate it once so it’s blocking the entire left side, and place the wall.

You can then use the wall as a cover while you move over to A site. Hey, we never said all the walls in this list were going to be fancy, now did we? This specific FPS is all about staying alive, and this wall will help you do just that.

#2: Bind (A Short Execute)

If you’re a newcomer to Valorant and are playing against low leveled players, then you HAVE to know this wall. You want to head over to the A side as an attacker and make a wall right between the boxes and the parked vehicle. When making it, you want to make sure there’s some space left for you to plant.

Yup, you probably know where this is going by now. You want to use that little corner of the site you saved to get a cheeky plant off. Chances are that if you’re up against low leveled players, they won’t be expecting this plant at all and you’ll be able to sneak out with a clean round win. After all, they won’t have improved game sense.

To make this strategy even more effective, we highly recommend you have a teammate or two watching your back since you’ll have to be close to the site for the wall to be perfect.

#1: Haven (C Site Boost)

The last wall we want to go over is one we don’t see too many players using, which is a shame since it has incredible potential for some quick sniper kills. 

To pull this off, you want to go to the C site and make a wall right behind the box that’s closest to the B site. Of course, you want to ensure you’re on the wall as it’s being made as well.

While on the wall, you can look over toward the B site’s direction to cover the entire hallway. Because of the way you’re positioned, you should be able to take out a couple of enemies before they realize where you are.

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