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Lobby: What is a lobby in online games?

Every online game needs a place to send players to so they could switch their loadout, invite friends, decide the match type, change settings, and more. Because of this, games came up with lobbies.

A lobby is a screen you see before you load into a match. If you’re playing a game like League of Legends, then it’ll be where you see everyone in your group, as well as the type of match that has been selected, whether it be a normal Rift match, ARAM, or a custom lobby.

The purpose of a lobby is for players to prepare before jumping into a match. In a Call of Duty lobby, for example, players would change their load-outs, switch teams (if it was a team-related match) determine whether or not the game will have bots and so much more, all in one lobby.

In games like Valorant, it’s also possible to invite your friends into your lobby so that when the match starts, that friend will be on your team. If you want that friend to be a professional player, then here’s everything you need to know about Eloking’s Valorant teammate system.

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