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Best Lane to Climb Ranked in League Of Legends

Best Lane to Climb Ranked in League Of Legends

There are three lanes in League of Legends, as well as the roles of jungler and support. As every League player knows, all these roles (or lanes) are important if you want to consistently win matches. However, have you ever wondered which lane is the absolute best if you want to climb the ranks in League of Legends?

The lane that's best for you to climb in League really depends on your personal play style as well as whether or not you play with a duo. If you play alone, then the middle and top lanes are definitely the best to climb with. However, if you play with a duo, then ADC is what you should play alongside a good support duo.

We'll be going in depth regarding the top three lanes to climb with in League of Legends. Hopefully, by the end, you'll be able to decide which lane is the best for you.

#1: Mid Lane

A character navigating a luminous forest path in a fantasy game

The first lane and the one most players believe makes the biggest impact on a game is the mid lane. The most prominent reason it is so important is that a middle lane champion has the ability to roam to other lanes and influence the match in other ways as well.

What other ways, you ask? Well, for starters, the mid laner has a lot of map control potential. By this we mean they can place wards and also deny enemy wards to control the vision of the map. This can potentially help their team secure objectives like the dragon and baron.

Finally, this lane is active in both early and late game. For the early game, skirmishes and ganks are very common in the middle lane. Secure even one kill and the middle lane champion can possibly snowball to be very strong from the get go. Mid laners also often scale with the game, because of which they have high late game potential.

This lane is recommended to climb in League if you're someone who likes to have a lot of influence on the match. Your plays have the potential to determine what direction the map goes, especially at the very start of it. Now, if you want to ensure the flow of the match is in your favor, we highly recommend you play as one of the top 5 best mid lane champions to climb ranked.

#2: Top Lane

Robotic units in strategic deployment on a virtual battlefield

The second best lane to climb ranked is definitely the top lane. If the middle lane is the lane that can influence the entire match, then the top lane is the most individually focused lane. Because it's so far away and cut off from every other lane aside from the jungle, top laners spend most of the match fighting one on one.

That isn't to say they aren't able to have any impact on the game. On the contrary, split pushing is a very popular strategy with strong top laners. Pushing from different points on the map will cut the enemy forces thin and force them to divide their champions or focus on only one attack. If they choose to focus on one attack, then the other members of the team will be free to continue their attack.

Top lane champions are also rather tanky, which let them last longer in team fights. Pair that with the teleport spell which they usually take, and they can pretty much enter any team fight no matter where it happens. Of course, we highly recommend you play as one of the top 5 best top lane champions to climb ranked.

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#3: ADC

Character in an online game preparing for combat in a lush, green landscape

The last lane we want to talk about is a bit of a special case. The thing with ADC champions is that they aren't alone in their bot lane. Instead, they're joined by the support champion who helps them in getting kills and stay alive.

Because of this, as you can imagine, it's very important to have a good teammate. Therefore, the bot lane, specifically the ADC role, is best for climbing in League ONLY if you have a duo you can rely on to play well. After all, nothing beats dominating a lane with a buddy alongside you.

Additionally, many ADCs also have the potential to scale late game. As their name, attack damage carry suggests, they can carry their team when all the conditions have been met. What conditions, you ask? Good farm, good amount of kills, and good utilization of gold to purchase items.

What’s next?

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