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5 Best Mid Champs to Climb Rank in LOL


Playing in the mid lane is one of the more confusing positions you can play in League of Legends. Not only are you close to every lane so you have to watch out for ganks from everywhere, but you’re also expected to help out every lane when you can. Of course, all of this will be easier to do if you’re already dominating your lane, and for that, you’ll need to be using a good middle laner champion.

The fact of the matter is that there isn’t just one champion everyone can use to dominate the middle lane. This is because the best champion for you is determined by several factors such as what type of champions you’re used to, your play style, and whether you want to get kills, grow stronger, or destroy the towers quickly. 

With that said, we’ve compiled a list of five mid lane champions that are completely different and should help you win your lane the next time you play a match.

#5: Orianna

First up is Orianna, who’s a control mage with a very strong team fight presence. We highly recommend her for players who like to hold their lanes until they’re able to get some support from their teammates, and then bulldoze through the opposition. With abilities like "Command: Protect" which can shield an ally, and "Command: Dissonance" which can speed up allies and slow down enemies, every team fight is winnable.

Of course, assisting others in team fights isn’t the only thing she’s good at, as she has several other advantages too. For starters, she has a lot of potential when it comes to being flexible with her builds. Orianna can be played as a control mage or a burst mage depending on the situation.

Overall, Orianna's strong wave clear potential, team fight presence, utility, and versatility make her a popular and effective pick in the middle lane. However, she isn’t a good pick for players who would prefer to depend only on themselves.

#4: Ahri

Ahri might be underrated when it comes to players actually picking her, but believe us when we tell you she has the potential to be a major threat. Let’s go through why this is.

First things first, her incredibly high mobility. Because of her ultimate especially, she’s able to make risky plays and get up close and personal with the enemy, then dash away when things seem like they’ll be going south. If you decide to use her ability to roam a little, then be sure to keep an eye out for the 5 things that tell you if you should roam.

Additionally, her other abilities shouldn’t be overlooked either. Her Q can be really useful for some wave management, and her charm ability can bring her target closer to her where she can take them out with her more than impressive single target damaging ability. If an assassin champion comes against a good Ahri, then that assassin has better start making up excuses for why they’re feeding because the Ahri will most likely be dominating the lane.

#3: Katarina

If you’re someone who doesn’t like playing as mages but still wants someone with good burst damage, then look no further than Katarina. Learn her combos and then chain them on an enemy to deal some HEAVY damage, with the potential of instantly wiping out some champions under the correct circumstances.

Katarina is especially deadly for immobile middle lakers, which have been rising in popularity recently. Get up close and personal with them using her abilities and ensure they aren’t able to get away without getting another number added to their death count.

Finally, Katarina has some of the highest carry capabilities when built right and controlled by the right player. Because of this, we recommend her to players who want to be the star of the match. The protagonist, if you will.

#2: Anivia

If the term double edged sword was a champion, then it would be Anivia. Although she has some more than impressive advantages for players who know how to use her, she has equally as deadly disadvantages which might be what leads them to lose their lane.

First things first, her pros. She has VERY good wave management abilities which make it really easy to take out enemies in mere seconds. Additionally, her scaling is exceptional, and under the right circumstances, she can get strong enough to give any champion a run for their money.

However, her abilities consume way too much mana, because of which you might find yourself either constantly unable to use your abilities or recalling to the base again and again. Not only this, but she’s also really easy to shut down in the early game mostly because of her lack of mobility. 

#1: Zed

Who else could we put at number one than Zed, the fan favorite middle laner? Zed is one of the most dominant middle laners in the game with insane kill pressure throughout the laning phase. You know what they say, one of the few things to be truly scared of as a middle laner is a player who knows how to use Zed.

With Zed, the best thing is the potential to create a snowball effect by getting just one kill. One kill can very easily snowball into multiple kills, and in the end, you’ll be sitting there with a pentakill if you get lucky enough.

Finally, the learning curve of Zed isn’t too steep, and because of this he’s very often found in solo queues. His kit is pretty straightforward and easy to understand, making him a prime option for players who don’t have the time to start learning a new champion.

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