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Valorant: New Lotus Map Changes Coming in Episode 8

Valorant: New Lotus Map Changes Coming in Episode 8

In a recent revelation from Riot Games, eager Valorant players were treated to a preview of the forthcoming changes to the Lotus map in Episode 8. The changes, which were previously leaked, are confirmed to enhance gameplay dynamics and strategy. However, an unexpected twist reveals some additional alterations that were not part of the initial leak.

These strategic map changes feature repositioned structures on the A site and a redesigned layout on the C site. Additionally, alterations on the B site and C site aim to enhance gameplay dynamics with added corners and elevation options. These modifications are slated to go live with the upcoming Episode, scheduled to drop on January 8th. 

Before that, let's delve into the details of these map changes that promise to shake up the Valorant experience.

A Site Changes

Breakable Door Area

Ancient temple interior with glowing symbols in a video game

One of the noteworthy adjustments can be observed near the breakable door outside the A site. The slanted wall, previously positioned awkwardly, has now been shifted back into a proper corner. 

Adding depth to defensive strategies, there are now boxes for Defenders to utilize as cover. Moreover, breaking the door unveils an additional corner on the right side, providing Defenders with more tactical options.

Metal Hut Replaced

Overgrown ancient temple architecture with lush plants

The A site witnesses a significant transformation with the removal of the traditional hut structure. The confined metal area, often deemed awkward for gameplay, has been replaced with an open pocket at the back. This alteration aims to create a more fluid and strategic environment for players navigating the A site.

B Site Changes

An Extra Corner 

Futuristic room with glowing lights and elegant architecture

On the B side, the changes mirror those leaked earlier, featuring the addition of an extra corner. While seemingly minor, these adjustments collectively contribute to a more balanced and dynamic map, offering Defenders additional opportunities to secure the site.

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C Site Changes

Reshaping the Battlefield

Neon-lit floor pathway in a modern architectural setting

C Site undergoes substantial modifications, particularly in the top-right area. The boxes have shifted, replacing the double stack with a smaller box that facilitates a more manageable elevation for players. 

The plant area has also been redefined, discouraging players from planting all the way in the back. Instead, the spike can now be planted towards the bend, introducing a fresh strategic element to planting decisions.

The central pillar of C Site witnesses a pivotal change, forcing attackers to make decisions about their planting location. They can no longer plant safely in a corner, shielded from holes and the waterfall. The map now demands a calculated risk, adding an extra layer of complexity to offensive strategies.

Addition of Boxes

Deserted palace corridor with mystical designs and archway


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