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Overwatch 2 Best Comps for Ranked 2023


Overwatch 2 has a bunch of heroes you can choose from, and with that, just as many combinations of heroes to put on your team. However, as it is with every FPS game, there is the meta to think of, and certain compositions that are just better than others. Therefore, we’re here to go through three of the absolute best compositions of heroes as well as why they’re so good.

There are three compositions we’ll be going over today. The first is a dive composition, with D.Va, Winston, Genji, Tracer, and Zenyatta. Then comes the Poke composition which consists of Orissa, D.Va, Ashe, Echo, and Mercy. Finally, there’s the Reinhardt based Brawl Composition, which has Zarya, Reper, Mei, Moira, and, of course, Reinhardt.

Below you’ll find information on three of the best Overwatch 2 compositions for ranked.

#3: Dive Composition

Heroes: D.Va, Winston, Genji, Tracer, and Zenyatta

The first composition we’re going through is the dive composition. As the name suggests, it specializes in diving into enemy lines and dealing quick damage to them. Therefore, you’ll notice that every damage dealing hero in this composition is able to charge the enemy quickly. Aside from, of course, the support.

First of all, there’s D.Va who could use her turbo boosters to go behind enemy lines, then deploy her shield to keep her alive and the attention on her. There’s also Winston who can do the same, just with his long distance jump.

Then, there are Genji and Tracer. Two extremely mobile DPS heroes that are capable of dealing a large amount of damage to enemies in a short period of time. Increasing their damage even more is Zenyatta, who serves as the support of the team and uses his orb to heal, increase damage, and deal damage to enemies from afar.

Finally, what really kicks this composition into motion is when ever member of the team has their ult. Zenyatta’s ultimate is perhaps the most useful one since it allows him to quickly cover distance and heal every teammate around him.

#2: Poke Composition 

Heroes: Orissa, D.Va, Ashe, Echo, and Mercy

Next up is the Poke composition. Poke compositions focus on applying sustained long range pressure and controlling space. Two things that make doing this more than possible for this composition are D.Va’s mobility and Orissa’s barrier. Combine these two, and you have yourself a more than solid front line.

Ashe and Echo are the primary DPS heroes, capable of dealing significant damage from a distance and providing long range pick potential. Combine their already high damage with the damage boost that Mercy is able to provide, and you have two heroes that are capable of obliterating pretty much any enemy hero from a distance.

What’s even better is that both the tanks of this composition are able to deal consistent rapid fire damage to the enemy. Even if they don’t do that much damage, all the bullets going around are sure to keep the attention on them while the two DPS heroes of the team do their job.

#1: Reinhardt based Brawl Composition

Heroes: Reinhardt, Zarya, Reper, Mei, and Moira

The last entry on this list is constructed around everyone’s favorite hero, Reinhardt. Brawl compositions revolve around close quarters team fights and sustained damage. With Reinhardt leading the charge and acting as an anchor tank with his wide range hammer attacks and barriers, it’s the job of everyone else to support this charging tank. However, do be careful as players might use one of the various ways to counter tanks in Overwatch 2.

First up is Zarya who has the ability to use her bubbles to provide Reinhardt with some much needed protection, all the while building up her energy to deal damage. Reaper and Mei are the DPS heroes who excel at close range combat and disrupting the enemy team. Reaper is an especially important pick here, as he has the potential to wipe out literally any hero when used properly.

For the support, the team has the option to pick between either Moira or Lucio. However, we decided to go with Moira because of her healing and damage dealing potential complimenting this specific team composition. Alternatively, if you feel like all the heroes are too slow and need a bit of a speed boost, then picking Lucio instead of Moira is a more than viable option. We just hope you’ve brushed up your knowledge of how to wall ride as Lucio in Overwatch 2.

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