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How To Play Valorant on MacBook In 2023


Valorant was officially released by Riot Games on June 2nd, 2020. It is a fast-paced first-person shooter that combines the aspects of both CS:GO and Overwatch. The play style of Counter-Strike coupled with the theme of Overwatch has made this game so popular ever since its release.

Although Valorant is free to play and you can download it from Valorant’s official website, Mac players struggle to find any reasonable solution that can help them run it on their operating system. The reason behind this is that Riot Games have not yet released an official version of Valorant that runs on any Mac Os based device.

This makes Mac users opt for different alternatives where they can play Valorant from the comfort of their laptop without having to spend money on a new gaming PC. This is why we have written this article to inform you about the methods you can use in order to play Valorant on your MacBook.

Will There Be a MacBook Version of Valorant Anytime Soon?

As we already know, Apple hasn’t really been known for making gaming specific devices in the past. This, plus the fact that more than 80 percent of laptop/PC users use Windows Operating System means that there is little to no benefit to Riot Games for creating a tailored made version of Valorant for Mac Os users. And this is probably why Valorant is not coming to the MacBooks anytime soon.

Bootcamp Method To Run Valorant on MacBook (The Only Working Method)

As we’ve already established, Valorant isn’t officially available on Mac Os. However, you can install Windows Operating System on your MacBook to bypass this hurdle and play Valorant as you please.

How To Install Windows On a MacBook?

Now, every time you turn on your MacBook, it will ask you which operating system you want to run. Choose Windows and voila! Your Windows Operating System should now be up and running.

Note: This method only works for intel-based MacBooks and not the M1 chips. There is no current viable method for installing Windows on MacBooks that have M1 chips.

Log In To Your Riot Games’ Account

Note: You can also use your League of Legends account since all of the Riot Games’ games use the “Riot Account”.

Minimum Requirements To Run Valorant

If your MacBook was released after 2015, it probably has the above mentioned hardware and can easily run Valorant.

Alternate Methods

There are many YouTube Videos claiming methods other than the BootCamp method works for playing Valorant on your MacBook. However, we would like to inform you that there is no method aside from the Bootcamp method that functions in any capacity.

People often use the example of Parallel’s Virtual Machine method, however, this method would either get you Perma banned or stop you from playing the game altogether because Riot’s anti-cheat system doesn’t allow it.

Another thing to keep in the note is that, as of writing this article, there are no reputable cloud gaming services that have Valorant on their shelf which you can play. Besides, as we all know, cloud services are not very reliable and they can be quite laggy at times.

Final Words!

In conclusion, the Bootcamp method is the only method that lets you play Valorant on your MacBook. Also, remember to place a quality cooling pad underneath your laptop since MacBooks are not particularly designed for gaming and they can get quite hot at times.

If you’re facing similar problem while wanting to play Valorant on your Linux Operating System, check out this article.

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