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CS:GO Ranks in 2022


How do the Ranks work in CS:GO:

Like any other competitive game CS:GO also got a ranking system, a very unique one we could tell. CS:GO's ranking system is certainly one of the most unpredictable systems you could find in a competitive video game. It is very hard to tell when are you going to rank up or when are you going to rank down since there are no visible ELO points you can see, such as games as Valorant.

What are the CS:GO Ranks

There are currently 18 ranks. The ranks from upper left to right are: Silver 1, Silver 2, Silver 3, Silver 4, Silver Elite, Silver Elite Master, Gold Nova 1, Gold Nova 2, Gold Nova 3, Gold Nova Master, Master Guardian 1, Master Guardian 2, Master Guardian Elite, Distinguished Master Guardian, Legendary Eagle, Legendary Eagle Master, Supreme Master First Class, and The Global Elite.

Rank Descriptions

Silver 1 to Silver Elite Master

Silver without a doubt is the easiest skill group in the entire game. The ranked games you should find in Silver are non-competitive and it will be hard to find anyone that is actually trying to win the game, so getting out of Silver shouldn't be that hard, it only requires you a little bit of aim and that should be it, if you have a below-average aim then you should be able to carry most of your games.

Gold Nova 1 to Gold Nova Master

Congratulations if you have got out of Silver, now that you're in Nova, you will probably need to improve your aim to better, so I highly recommend you to have an aim practice routine, such as playing Aimlab or going into Aim_botz map for a certain amount of time daily, so that you'll get to have a better aim, then going out of Nova shouldn't be that hard for you, since Silver and Nova ranks are all about killing your opponents and you won't find that much of people who got a good game sense.

Master Guardian 1 to Master Guardian Elite

In those three ranks, you'll find players who actually try to win games. Theoretically, players in those ranks have got a decent aim and a decent game knowledge so getting out of Master Guardian won't be as easy as Silver and Gold Nova were, now what you need to work on, is your experience, try to play as many games as you could so that your game knowledge and experience proceed to improve. You'll also need to improve your movement as movement is very important in CS:GO and it is actually a hard thing to learn but it will come with time.

Distinguished Master Guardian to Legendary Eagle Master

Now you will find players who sweat and try so hard to win games, but they are still lacking some factors such as good communication, team play, good decision making, and mentality control. The players who work on those factors and try to master them will definitely get out of those ranks.

Supreme Master First Class and The Global Elite

If you have reached those ranks, then congratulation you're in the highest CS:GO in-game ranks, you can just work on yourself and improve yourself to the best and if you feel like the game became too easy for you, then it's time to go on other platforms such as FACEIT, ESEA or even Esportal and get the game to become even more competitive for you.

What rank is s1mple in CS:GO?

s1mple has currently more than 4000 ELO in FACEIT (which is better than The Global Elite) and he won the PGL Major Championship, not to forget that he was ranked the best player of 2018 and 2021 in the esports scene.

What’s next?

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