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Best Duos to Play in League of Legends Arena Mode

Best Duos to Play in League of Legends Arena Mode

If you've been keeping up with the latest League of Legends news then you might know about the brand new 2v2v2v2 arena mode that has been added to the game as an event. Well, it's only natural that if you want the best competitive advantage against the enemy teams then it's crucial that you and your duo pick the best possible champions to play as. However, what are the best duo champions to play as in the LoL arena mode?

Now, regardless of what duo you and your teammate choose, what matters more is how you play those champions. With that being said, we've compiled a list of some of the best duos you should pick if you want an advantage over the other teams. Those duos include Teemo and Shaco, Heimerdinger and Zarya, Xayah and Rakan, Lulu and Vayne, and finally Ashe and Lux.

Today, we'll be going through five of the best duos to play in League of Legends arena mode.

Teemo and Shaco

Best Duos to Play in League of Legends Arena Mode - Image 1

Hey. does this team even need any explanation? When paired together as a duo in League of Legends, Shaco and Teemo create a formidable and dynamic combination that can be a nightmare for the enemy team. Each champion brings unique strengths to the table, and when played strategically, they can complement each other's abilities to dominate the game.

With all the mushrooms and jack in the boxes you and your duo will be planting in the arena, the enemy might just end up rage quitting before the match even ends. Just sit back and enjoy as the HP of every enemy champion goes down but by bit because of the poison coursing through their veins.

Combine this with the game mode's brand new augment feature which can potentially increase the ability power and ability haste and you have yourself an insanely overpowered team composition. Just be sure to use it as much as you can before Riot inevitably nerfs this team.

Heimerdinger and Zarya

Best Duos to Play in League of Legends Arena Mode - Image 2

Up next is the Heimerdinger and Zarya duo that we don't think too many of you must have been expecting. As a matter of fact, Heimerdinger and Zarya make a formidable duo in League of Legends due to their complementary strengths and abilities, which synergize exceptionally well, especially in this arena mode.

Now, unlike some of the other duos on this list, Heimerdinger and Zarya rely on taking it slow so they could plant as many plants and turrets as possible. However, as soon as you're done building your little base of operations, any team composition will have a hard time getting past the onslaught of attacks coming their way.

Of course, one very viable counter to this team comp is if the enemy teams decide to stack MR, but even with that you should be able to do well enough. Basically, your job will be to put up as many turrets and plants as possible and then dish out damage from afar to ensure you two are in the clear.

Xayah and Rakan

Best Duos to Play in League of Legends Arena Mode - Image 3

Xayah and Rakan, the iconic pair in League of Legends, form a formidable duo that synergizes exceptionally well together in this arena mode. Individually, they are strong champions, but when played together, their abilities and playstyles complement each other perfectly, creating a powerful and versatile combination that can dominate any other duo they come up against.

Unlike the two duos we just went through, Xayah and Rakan don't wait around for the enemy to come to them. When these two champions are together, Rakan can initiate fights with his Grand Entrance, disrupting the enemy team and setting up Xayah for devastating follow up damage. Xayah, with her Clean Cuts, can position herself strategically to maximize the damage dealt to multiple enemies, especially during Rakan's crowd control effects. After all, there's a reason Xayah is considered one of the best ADC champions to climb low elo ranked with.

Also, how could we forget the fact that Xayah and Rakan's ultimate abilities, Featherstorm and The Quickness, respectively, are exceptionally synergistic? When Rakan activates his ultimate, he charms all nearby enemies, leaving them vulnerable and unable to retaliate. In response, Xayah can use her Featherstorm to become untargetable while simultaneously dealing damage with her feathers.

If you feel as though we're talking about this specific duo more than the other duos on this list then that's because we are. Xayah and Rakan have always been the most popular duo comp in League of Legends, and for good reasons.

Lulu and Vayne

Best Duos to Play in League of Legends Arena Mode - Image 4

Lulu and Vayne form a formidable duo in League of Legends due to their complementary abilities and synergistic playstyle. Lulu, the Fae Sorceress, is a versatile support champion with strong utility, while Vayne, the Night Hunter, is a hyper carry ADC. The name of the game with this specific duo is for Lulu to keep Vayne alive while Vayne deals as much damage as possible.

First and foremost, Lulu's kit provides exceptional protection and utility, making her an ideal support for Vayne. When an enemy attempts to engage on Vayne, Lulu can quickly disable them or boost Vayne's survivability with her crowd control and defensive abilities, ensuring Vayne can continue dealing damage safely.

With that being said, you might be wondering why we decided to go with Vayne instead of all the other ADC champions in the game. Well, Vayne's kit complements Lulu's playstyle perfectly. Vayne excels at dealing sustained damage, especially against tanky opponents. However, Lulu's utility allows Vayne to stay alive and output consistent damage throughout team fights, which is critical for her to thrive.

Ashe and Lux

Best Duos to Play in League of Legends Arena Mode - Image 5

The final duo we want to go through is Ashe and Lux. Ashe mains will know how infuriating it can be when they play Ashe ADC but their Lux support just keeps on stealing all their kills. Well, fortunately, that might be a good thing in this specific game mode. 

Ashe and Lux make a powerful and synergistic duo in League of Legends due to their complementary abilities and playstyles. Both champions bring unique strengths to the team, and when combined, they create a potent combination that can very easily dominate any game mode.

Their abilities complement each other, enabling them to set up and follow through on successful engages and kite opponents effectively. Basically, you two just need to stay as far behind as possible all the while hitting the enemy champions with your powerful abilities. With all the stuns and high damage abilities that will be thrown at the enemy champions, we can be sure they'll be having a hard time.

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