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Can't Buy Overwatch 2 Coins? Fixed


Coins in Overwatch 2 are an in game currency that can be used to buy the Premium Battle Pass and in-game cosmetic items. However, before that, it’s crucial for players to purchase coins using actual money, but what happens when you aren’t able to do that? Several players have reported that they’ve faced problems when trying to buy Overwatch 2 coins.

If you aren’t able to buy Overwatch 2 coins, there are a couple of fixes you can try. For starters, ensure your account hasn’t been permanently banned or suspended, as that might cause you problems when attempting to purchase coins. Additionally, ensure parental control isn’t on, check if the game is updated, and try using an alternate payment method. If none of this works, try contacting customer support to get the matter fixed.

We’ll be going through several troubleshooting methods you can try to hopefully be able to buy Overwatch 2 coins easily.

Method #1: Check Payment Details and Account Information

When encountering issues with purchasing Overwatch 2 Coins, it's important to start by verifying the validity and accuracy of your payment method and account details. Ensure that the credit or debit card information you have provided is correct, including the card number, expiration date, and CVV code. 

Alternatively, if you're using a payment service like PayPal, double check that your account is properly linked to your Overwatch profile. Naturally, without having proper payment details linked to your Overwatch 2 account you won’t be able to purchase anything.

It's also essential to confirm that your Overwatch account is in good standing without any outstanding issues that might prevent purchases. Check for any notifications or messages within the game that could provide insight into potential account related problems. 

When we say account related problem we mostly mean things like your account being suspended or even banned. If your account is temporarily suspended, then we recommend you wait for the suspension to lift before attempting to purchase coins again.

Ensure Parental Control Isn’t On

Another thing related to your account you should do if you aren’t able to buy coins in Overwatch 2 is to ensure parental control isn’t activated on your account. Since the parental control feature could be active on your account. To ensure this isn’t the case:

  1. Go to the official Blizzard parent portal
  2. Log into your account
  3. Remove all active parental restrictions.

With this done, try buying coins once more and you should be able to do so without any issue.

Method #2: Ensure the Game and Client Are Updated

Outdated game clients or platform software can sometimes lead to issues with in game purchases. It's crucial to keep both your Overwatch game client and gaming platform up to date. Developers regularly release patches and updates that address bugs and improve overall stability, which can include fixes for purchase-related problems. 

Check for any available updates for the Overwatch game on your specific gaming platform (such as, PlayStation Network, or Xbox Live) and ensure that you have the latest version installed. Updating the game client and platform might resolve any compatibility issues or glitches causing the inability to buy Overwatch Coins.

Additionally, sometimes the game servers also go down which might cause issues for purchasing in game currency. To ensure that isn’t the case, we recommend you check the server status for Blizzard and Overwatch 2 servers once too.

Method #3: Try Using Alternate Payment Methods

If you're experiencing difficulties purchasing Overwatch 2 Coins, it may be worth attempting to use alternate payment methods. Blizzard Entertainment, the developer of Overwatch, often provides multiple options for purchasing in game items. Consider trying different payment methods, such as a different credit or debit card, or alternative payment services like Google Pay or Apple Pay if they are supported. 

By trying different payment methods, you can determine if the issue lies with a specific payment option or if it is a broader problem affecting all payment methods. To explore alternate payment methods, navigate to the Overwatch store or in-game purchase section and look for available options. If you're playing on a console, check the respective console's digital store for Overwatch coin bundles or add-ons that can be purchased directly. 

Experimenting with different payment methods may help bypass any issues related to a specific payment option and allow you to successfully acquire Overwatch Coins. Just remember to ensure that the chosen alternate payment method is valid, has sufficient funds, and is compatible with the Overwatch platform you are playing on.

Method #4: Contact Blizzard Customer Support

If the issue persists then there’s most likely something wrong on Blizzard’s side. Therefore, the only thing you can realistically do at this point is contact Blizzard support. To do so, 

  1. First, head to the official Blizzard support website
  2. Then, click on ‘contact us’
  3. Select the ‘customer support’ option
  4. Log in to your account, and select ‘technical issues’
  5. Finally, type in that you can’t purchase coins despite ensuring there was no issue from your side, neither from your account nor your payment method, and submit the ticket.

Hopefully, you’ll get an answer before long. Or, better yet, maybe your issue will be fixed completely. At the end of the day, this is the fix you have to go to if no troubleshooting method works. It doesn’t matter if your issue is not being able to purchase coins or not being able to see your rank in Overwatch 2.

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