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League of Legends: Best Solo Champs to Play In Arena

League of Legends: Best Solo Champs to Play In Arena

League of Legends' brand new arena mode might be primarily aimed toward duos. After all, it's a 2v2v2v2 game mode. However, that doesn't mean only duos play it. On the contrary, there are many players who choose to play the game mode solo, and for those types of players, we have the five best solo champs to use.

Today, we'll go through some of the best Champions players should pick in League of Legends' Arena mode if they want to go at it alone. All of these Champions are excellent solo Champions and their win and pick rates prove that.

So if you don't want to play with anyone in LoL's arena mode and want to go at it alone, then we have the best champions to use. All these champions are sure to help you win more games in LoL arena mode.


Red ninja character throwing a shuriken in a purple mist

The first champion that players have been using as a solo champion in LoL's arena mode is Kennen. After all, Kennen's unique blend of crowd control, area damage, and mobility make him well-suited for this chaotic and dynamic game mode.

His passive ability, "Mark of the Storm," applies a stack of debuff on his enemies with each ability hit. Upon reaching three stacks, the enemy is stunned. In a mode where every second counts, having an ability like this can be invaluable.

Additionally, Kennen's mobility is another aspect that can make him a formidable pick in this game mode. His "Lightning Rush" ability grants him a quick burst of movement speed while damaging and applying his passive to enemies he passes through. Even though the arena maps are rather small, this movement can be taken advantage of to stay away from danger.

Finally, Kennen's versatility when it comes to building items adds to his adaptability in the 2v2v2v2 game mode. He can be built as a burst mage, a bruiser, or even a hybrid damage dealer, depending on the situation and the team's composition. This flexibility in itemization allows Kennen to tailor his build to counter opponents or bolster his team's strengths.


A mythical warrior wielding magical powers in a mystical forest

Up next is the Shepherd of Souls himself, Yorick. Yorick's strength lies in his ability to dominate the battlefield by summoning ghouls and raising a powerful Maiden of the Mist to aid him. In a 2v2v2v2 format, his minion-based gameplay can be particularly advantageous. Yorick's ghouls and Maiden can provide additional sources of damage and crowd control, which is essential when dealing with multiple opponents. 

These summoned creatures are not only excellent for dealing with damage but also for distracting and disrupting enemies, allowing Yorick and his duo to control the flow of battle and secure advantageous positions on the map.

Basically, if you don't have a good buddy to play the game mode with, you can create your own team members using Yorick to even the battlefield. Pretty fair if you ask us.

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Fantasy artwork of a girl with cat ears and purple aura holding a teddy bear

One champion some of you might not have been expecting to see here is Annie. After all, Annie emerges as a strong and impactful champion choice for several reasons. Her kit, playstyle, and strengths align well with the dynamics of this unique game mode, making her a valuable asset for any team.

Annie's kit revolves around her ability to burst down enemies with powerful single-target spells, with her passive, "Pyromania," enhancing her abilities after every four spell casts. In this 2v2v2v2 mode, where team fights might be smaller and more frequent due to the reduced number of players per team, Annie's burst potential becomes even more potent.

However, perhaps the biggest reason so many players go for this champion in this game mode is her ult. Annie's ultimate ability, "Summon: Tibbers" (R), is a massive AoE burst spell that not only deals substantial damage but also summons Tibbers as a controllable unit to the battlefield. In this 2v2v2v2 mode, Tibbers can serve as an additional source of threat and disruption, diverting the attention of enemies.


Mystical Asian warrior standing in a dramatic mountain landscape

Up next on the list is Jax. Jax's strength lies in his ability to excel in both melee combat and skirmishes. His passive ability, "Relentless Assault," empowers his basic attacks to deal increasing damage, promoting sustained aggression in fights. This trait aligns well with the fast-paced nature of the game mode, allowing Jax to build up his attack strength over time and become a significant threat to opponents.

As the game mode is likely to feature sporadic encounters with various opponents, Jax's E ability, "Counter-Strike," becomes invaluable. This skill allows him to evade incoming attacks for a brief period before stunning nearby enemies. In the 2v2v2v2 setting, this skill can turn the tide of engagements, granting Jax a chance to neutralize enemy threats and buy precious seconds for his teammate to capitalize on the situation.

Additionally, Jax's ultimate ability, "Grandmaster's Might," enhances his dueling prowess by providing bonus magic damage on-hit and granting resistance based on his ability power and bonus attack damage. This scaling aspect of his ultimate makes Jax a champion who thrives as the game progresses.


Fantasy illustration of a dragon warrior overlooking a sunset cityscape

Galio is one of the highest picked champions in Arena mode thanks to his extremely tanky nature. Not only that, but the recent changes in the Arena mode have made him stronger than ever before.

What makes him stand out are his CC tools that can be added to his kit to make it annoying for enemies to deal with him. His Ultimate is another crucial component. Thanks to its large AOE, players can either use it on the enemy or their own partners depending on what the situation calls for.


Colorful fantasy warrior wielding dual swords amid mystical energy

If you like playing as assassins in games then Zed is definitely the Champion for you. Thanks to his unique kit, he’s able to assassinate any squishy Champion and then slip away from danger to repeat the cycle when possible. 

Zed’s fantastic damage and mobility, when paired with the buffs Arena mode has given this Champion, can make for some chaos for the enemy team. Of course, this Champion does demand high skill, but when that requirement is met you’ll likely find yourself winning tons of matches without fail.


Anime style battle scene with mystical creatures

Kayn might not have the damage that most Champions do, at least at the start, but what he excels in is mobility. Thanks to the fact that he has to focus on only two targets instead of the typical five, he can deal damage, reposition, and heal without the enemy getting the chance to take him out.

Of course, this applies to Blue Kayn. If the situation calls for it, players can also go for Red Kayn to increase survivability. Not only does Kayn’s maximum health get a bump, but he can also use his crowd control abilities to make quick work of the enemy Champions. Adaptability is key when it comes to the Arena mode, and Kayn can help with just that.


Fantasy character with a mechanical eagle soaring above landscape

Finally, the best solo champion in League of Legends arena mode is Wukong. Wukong's adaptability and strengths make him a strong contender for success in this chaotic and fast-paced environment.

One of Wukong's key strengths lies in his deceptive and evasive playstyle, which can be incredibly advantageous in a 2v2v2v2 scenario. His passive ability, "Stone Skin," provides him with bonus resistance, granting him increased durability against both physical and magical damage.

Wukong's "Crushing Blow" ability enables him to reduce his opponent's armor. This not only benefits himself but also empowers his allies to deal increased damage to the same target. This armor reduction, coupled with his AoE ultimate ability "Cyclone," allows Wukong to disrupt and weaken multiple opponents at once, making him a strong contender for control of the battlefield.

Furthermore, Wukong's "Decoy" ability provides him with a valuable element of unpredictability. This clone ability allows him to create illusions of himself, confusing enemies and granting him a precious moment to reposition or engage with surprise.


Why might you want to learn solo Champions?

While League of Legends Arena mode is a 2v2v2v2, that doesn’t mean every player has a duo they can queue with. In this scenario, it’s a better idea to have a Champion who’s self sustaining instead of having to rely on a complete stranger.

Which Champion has the best pick rate?

According to the last numbers, Galio has the highest pick rate coming up at 26.3%. He’s followed by the assassin Zed who’s at 26% and then Brand with 27.2%. All three Champions also have decent win rates.

What’s next?

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