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Placements: What are placement matches?

For every journey, there is a beginning, and your ranked journey in any competitive game is no different. Before you start climbing the ranks, you first need to play placement in most competitive games as it helps the game gauge your skill level to determine your starting rank.

After unlocking ranked mode in any game, you aren’t given a random rank nor do you start from the very bottom. Instead, you start as being in an unranked state. Only after playing the placement matches do you finally get a rank depending on how you performed in those matches and whether you won or lost.

There are usually 10 placement matches that you have to play, but it all really depends on the game itself. Since your starting rank determines how the rest of your season goes, we suggest you have an Eloking booster play your placement matches for you to guarantee you get the best rank possible.

Placement matches aren’t only played by players new to ranked, but also by players whose rank has been reset because of a new season coming. However, these placement ranks are only a formality in most games, as the rank you are given after completing all these placement matches is almost always the same or close to the rank you previously had when the season ended.

Eloking offers placement matches for all games where coaching and boosting is supported on the platform. For example, to order Valorant placement matches just open the Eloking platform, choose Valorant and select placement matches.

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