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Is League of Legends Dying?


The thing about video games is that no matter how popular they might be, eventually all of them eventually start losing players. However, with a game like League of Legends which has been going strong for over a decade, many people have been wondering whether or not the game has started dying yet.

The question of whether or not League of Legends is dying is a rather subjective one, but if you ask us then no it isn’t dying. There are several reasons we say this. For starters, the player base is still very high, with millions of players logging in every month. Additionally, the game is going strong in the ESports scene, is still getting consistent updates, is branching out to cover other genres of media, and the player engagement level is through the roof.

We’ll be covering various bases of League of Legends as a whole and going through why we don’t believe the game will be dying any time soon.

Active Player Base

The first and perhaps most important factor in a video game dying or declining is that its player base starts dropping drastically. Take a game like Among Us for example. Although it still has a bunch of active players, it isn’t anywhere near the amount it used to have back in 2020. Therefore, it wouldn’t at all be a stretch to say that game is either dead or dying.

However, the same couldn’t be said for League of Legends. Although the player base amount has definitely seen its ups and downs, the fact of the matter is that the game has managed to consistently stay over a million daily active users. Every. Single. Day. With a game having such an active player base, how could we call it dying?

Booming Esports Scene

Esports is bigger than ever, with players getting together every time there’s a big tournament so they could support their favorite teams. Do you know which game has arguably the most popular Esports tournaments? That’s right, Riot Games’ golden child itself, League of Legends. LPLLCS, and even the MSI. It’s like the number of League tournaments are limitless.

There’s no surprise as to why the game’s Esports influence is so strong. After all, it has popularity, competition, and practically endless playtime. Plus, it benefits from being one of the first video games to understand and target esports. You could call it the grandfather of Esports games, and because of this, it stands at the top even now.

Consistent Updates

Naturally, with a game lasting as long as League of Legends has, it’s bound to see some major changes every now and then. Well, Riot Games has managed to keep the updates of League of Legends so consistent with new skins, changes, events, and sometimes even game modes, that the game continues to be fresh even ten years later.

The updates don’t come silently either. Every single time a major update or new season is about to launch, every League of Legends fan comes together to celebrate with a music video Riot uploads to its channel. The music video manages to hype the player base up every single time and gets them ready to jump into the Summoner’s Rift as if it was their first time.

Expanding To Other Genres

Finally, the thing that we believe is doing the most for bringing new eyes to the already extremely popular League of Legends is the fact that they’re also consistently branching into different genres of gaming and media.

The first thing is, of course, the immensely popular Netflix animated show Arcane. That show was instantly a hit with both League of Legends fans and non fans alike. Everyone was drawn into the world of Zaun and Piltover and the struggles of the two cities. Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Viktor, and Jayce became fan favorites because of the show and it’s rumored to be coming out with a season 2 soon.

The second thing we want to highlight is music. As we mentioned before, Riot Games also has a sub company called Riot Music, which is in charge of coming out with consistent music. Even though the songs are mostly a hit or miss with the player base, sometimes they really knock it out of the park. Remember when K/DA took the world by storm when they released POP/STARS? 

Finally, Riot Games is also coming out with a bunch of new games that release both on PC as well as consoles. These games, although being of different genres, are still set in the same League of Legends universe. Fighting game fans, RPG fans, Roguelike fans, and even adventure game fans can now enjoy the League universe.

All of these things work together to bring new eyes to League of Legends by getting people interested in the lore and characters of the game along with keeping the attention of old fans. A win win situation if you ask us.

What’s next?

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