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Overwatch 2: Roadhog Mini Rework – Everything we Know so Far

Overwatch 2: Roadhog Mini Rework – Everything we Know so Far

A lot of exciting stuff has popped up since we dived into the Season 7 of Overwatch 2. The start of which marked the release of the latest Sombra Rework. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Now, after the latest leaks, the teased Roadhog rework has become the talk of the town. With the details still shrouded in mystery, here's all we know so far:

Roadhog is getting a mini rework focused on his abilities. According to the info revealed, three main changes are coming to his kit. First, there will be a rework to Roadhog's Primary fire from his iconic Scrap Gun. Secondly, the sources have hinted towards changes to the  "Take a breather" ability, the nature of which is still ambiguous. Lastly, Roadhog will be getting a brand new ability, which has been a hot topic amongst Overwatch enthusiasts.

Until we get the opportunity to discuss the official releases, let us dive into what we currently know and what could be.

Roadhog - The Post-Crisis Survivor:
Animated character Roadhog from Overwatch video game walking in a desert-themed setting

Roadhog is one of the original heroes included in the game's release, back in 2016. This relentless behemoth is known for terrorizing enemies on the frontlines with his signature Chain Hook and Scrap Gun Shot combo. Before we talk about the changes, let us get a better insight into Roadhog's abilities, so we can gauge the changes better. 


Scrap Gun

(Primary fire)

Roadhog's primary weapon is the Scrap Gun, which has two fire modes. The primary fire is a short-range shotgun blast with widespread, dealing significant damage.

Scrap Gun

(Secondary fire)

The Secondary fire is long-range shot with a more concentrated spread, ideal for finishing off enemies.

Chain Hook 


Roadhog hurls a chain with a hook at a target. If it connects, the target is pulled towards Roadhog, making them an easy target for his Scrap Gun.

Take a Breather 


Roadhog can heal himself by taking a deep breath, restoring a substantial portion of his health over a short duration. This ability can be used to keep him in the fight longer.

Whole Hog 


Roadhog's ultimate ability unleashes a barrage of scrap metal from his Scrap Gun, pushing back enemies and dealing massive damage in a wide cone in front of him. Roadhog is also immune to crowd control effects while using this ability.

The amalgamation of these abilities makes Roadhog a formidable tank, reputed for his crowd control, self-sustain, and damage-dealing capabilities.

Roadhog - Rework Changes:
Robotic character in action inside a futuristic game environment

Roadhog has been a consistent main frontline tank, which not only absorbs damage, peeling your allies but also holds massive kill potential in close to medium-range encounters. That is to say, the upcoming changes may or may not influence the hero into a different playstyle. Whether it will take the gritting tanky playstyle to a whole new level, or introduce a safer ranged high DPS style for the hero. It is still too early to conclude. (If you want to learn more about other high DPS Heros check out Overwatch 2 Best DPS to Climb Ranked)

We do know that the playstyle will depend on the nature of the new ability being introduced along with the changes to the  "Take a Breather " ability, as it is the main ability encouraging a tanky playstyle for the hero. Some think they might make the ability to heal allies around you as well. While others theorize they might change the ability's effect altogether. 

As the primary fire is already going through numerous changes, including visual and practical aspects, it is speculated that the new ability might have something to do with the alternate fire instead. The developer team has remained quite tight-lipped about the affair, so little is known at the moment.

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When Will the Roadhog Rework be Released?

Primarily the Rework was supposed to be released with the mid-season patch. But to the dismay of Roadhog mains, it was delayed due to some last-minute adjustments to the primary fire and  "Take a Breather" ability. The mini-rework will now be released sometime later in Season 7. But don't worry, as we will keep you updated with all the developments in the future.  

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